Letter to the Faithful in England

By | December 1, 2012

From “Select Practical Writings of John Knox” ‎”The admonition was this, That the last trumpet was in blowing within the realm of England, and therefore ought every man to prepare him for battle; for if the trumpet should cease and be put to silence, then should it never blow again with like force in England, till the coming… Read More »

Zero Population Growth Satanic

By | November 27, 2012

Zero Population Growth Satanic “Leviticus: An Economic Commentary” by Gary North, pages 565-567 Living species multiply. Angels do not. The angels constitute a fixed host. In heaven and hell, the number of angels remains constant. This fact of life is rarely discussed by theologians and never by social theorists. It should be. It is fundamental to understanding the… Read More »

Essentials and Nonessentials – What Did the Puritans Think?

By | November 26, 2012

From “Puritan Papers, Volume Three” Chapter 2 – Scripture and Things Indifferent By Iain Murray, pages 26-31, 49- 50 Before we leave these observations one further question must be raised. It will be seen that if the Puritan teaching on the regulative principle is given prominence, then inevitably the question of our practice in church order, government, and… Read More »