Calvinism and the Reformers

The faith for which Cranmer was burnt to death at Oxford on March 26th, 1555 (after two and a half years imprisonment) was the same faith for which Bradford had died at Smithfield, Hooper at Gloucester and Farrer at Carmarthen. The Word of God alone, the grace of God alone, the work of the Spirit alone – these… Read More »

The Doctrine of Election

Scriptural Difficulties Relating to the Doctrine of Election Error in matters of religion is a dangerous thing. Error is a departure from that truth revealed by God in His Word, and it is punished by plagues from Him whose authority has been disregarded (Revelation 22:18). The worst plague of all that can fall fall upon men in this… Read More »

Charles Hodge on Piety

“Wherever you find vital piety – that is penitence and a devotional spirit – there you find the doctrines of the fall, of depravity, of regeneration, of atonement, and of the deity of Jesus Christ. I neither saw nor heard of a single individual who exhibited a spirit of piety who rejected any one of these doctrines. Holiness… Read More »