Problems with Congregationalism

Church Polity: Problems with Congregationalism from “The Ruling Elder” by Samuel Miller “It is a vain apprehension,” says the venerable Dr. Owen, “to suppose that one or two teaching officers in a Church, who are obliged to give themselves unto the word and prayer, to labour in the word and doctrine, to preach in and out of season,… Read More »

Ecclesiastical Tyranny

Ecclesiastical Tyranny From “The Ruling Elder”  by Samuel Miller We know that ministers are subject to the same frailties and imperfections with other men. We know, too, that a love of pre-eminence and of power is not only natural to them, in common with others; but that this principle, very early after the days of the Apostles, began… Read More »

Church Polity

Church Polity From “The Ruling Elder”  by Samuel Miller, Professor in the Theological Seminary at Princeton, 1831 It is ever also to be borne in mind that the Church is not a mere voluntary association, with which men are at liberty to connect themselves or not, as they please. For, although the service which God requires of us… Read More »