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Mohler Attempts to Resuscitate Mahaney’s Conference Career

By | November 8, 2013

“What about churches, Christian institutions, and Christian schools? The Penn State disaster must serve as a warning to us as well, for we bear an even higher moral responsibility. The moral and legal responsibility of every Christian — and especially every Christian leader and minister — must be to report any suspicion of the abuse of a child… Read More »

Blasphemous Brutality and Uncaring Leaders

By | November 4, 2013

“Elana was one of the first people to whom I dared mention that I was sexually abused by a Baptist minister. I tried to segue into it in the middle of some bit of talk about some cover-up connected to local politics. It seemed to fit at the time, but I guess it wasn’t as smooth as I… Read More »

Boycott the Piper-Dever Conference at UCCD

By | October 29, 2013

Mark Dever, a preacher in the Southern Baptist denomination, and John Piper, a preacher from the Baptist General Conference, will be speaking at a conference in Dubai on November 15-16, 2013.  John Piper and Mark Dever are strong supporters of C.J. Mahaney.  C.J. Mahaney has blackmailed the co-founder of his ministry and covered up sexual abuse in his… Read More »