Celeb Preachers May Wish To Refrain From Praising Mahaney

By | January 29, 2014

Nate Morales is in jail in Maryland, awaiting his trial for sexually abusing children while attending Covenant Life Church (CLC), the church C.J. Mahaney pastored.  Mahaney never reported Morales to authorities as he was required by law to do.

The Christian celebrities continue their parade through Mahaney’s new church in Louisville, apparently convinced of his innocence in these matters.  They publicly laud Mahaney from the pulpit.

It appears that one individual, whom I suspect would have some inside knowledge of the situation, has reason to believe Morales is guilty of the charges, even though the trial has not yet begun.  This individuals name?  Marcia Jo Griffeth, formerly known as Marcia Jo Morales.  Effective December 5, 2013 she is no longer married to the serial sexual abuser.

Something for the celebrity preachers to consider!  I look for more bad news for Mahaney and his preacher pals to surface during the Morales trial in May.

Nate Morales divorced

My thanks to PR, a Facebook friend, for forwarding me this information.

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Obviously Anonymous

As someone in ministry who was abused by someone in ministry, I have a very deep and angry response to the holier-than-thou talking heads that whitewash deviant criminals caught in the pulpit. While I can hope for repentence and regeneration for the abuser, the real criminals are the ones that defend the indefensible, and they should be butchered on the altar of public outcry.


You are spot on in this analysis. I think the trial will expose some issues which, of course, will be ignored by the Mahaney fan club. I guess money and gushing praise by Mahaney is all it takes to get these guys to loooooooooove all things Mahaney.