Thomas White – Servant of the Most High or Just Another Entitled Baptist Leader Living Large off of the Donations of Others ?

By | May 25, 2020

  Thomas White has spent most of his adult life being “mentored” by Paige Patterson.  White was employed by Patterson at Southeastern Seminary and then in 2004 White tells us, “I followed Dr. Patterson to Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.” You can see this in the screen capture of White’s blog below, written prior to Patterson being fired from… Read More »

Internal Investigation is Underway at Cedarville University

By | May 24, 2020

  Julie Roys published a good article today on the law firm hired by Cedarville University which can be read here. Roys spoke with Boz Tchividjian who explained the difference between an internal investigation and an independent investigation. In a nutshell, internal investigations are beneficial to the institution who has hired the law firm, independent investigations are beneficial… Read More »

No Shirts Required While Cheering on President White!

By | May 11, 2020

Updated 5/12/2020 (2 Screenshots added.) Cedarville University Student Handbook 2019-2020       It would be interesting to know what type of disciplinary measures Dr. Thomas White imposed on these young, handsome, athletic, shirtless rule-breakers who appear to be working out at the Recreation Center on the Cedarville Campus? Perhaps White attempted to restore all of them to… Read More »