PhD student Sarah Leitner notifies Jerry Falwell of abuse that occurred at an authorized internship site after the School of Counselor Education of Liberty University denies the abuse occurred and later expels her.

  For a little background, Jerry Falwell Jr., the controversial President of Liberty University, has found himself in trouble again this past week for publishing the Tweet below.   The tweet triggered 35 Africa-American pastors who are graduates of Liberty University to send a strong letter of protest to Jerry Falwell Jr. In addition to that, a petition… Read More »

My Cedarville Experience in Happier Times

This is a guest post by Phillip Jarvis, a 2006 graduate of Cedarville University.   My name is Phillip Jarvis. I am a 2006 mechanical engineering graduate of Cedarville University. Until I first learned of the crisis rocking the current administration, I was ridiculously proud of my alma mater and an advocate for it to anyone who would… Read More »