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Thomas White – Servant of the Most High or Just Another Entitled Baptist Leader Living Large off of the Donations of Others ?

Updated 5-26-2020; 5-27-2020   Thomas White has spent most of his adult life being “mentored” by Paige Patterson.  White was employed by Patterson at Southeastern Seminary and then in 2004 White tells us, “I followed Dr. Patterson to Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.” You can see this in the screen capture of White’s blog below, written prior to Patterson… Read More »

Trustees Call On Retired Air Force General To Restore Badly Damaged Credibility of Cedarville University

“Americans have always defined true freedom as an environment in which one may resist evil and do what is right, noble, and good without fear of reprisal. It is the presence of justice tempered with mercy. It is a rule of law based on fundamental moral truths that are easily understood and fairly and effectively administered. It offers… Read More »