Thomas White – Servant of the Most High or Just Another Entitled Baptist Leader Living Large off of the Donations of Others ?

By | May 25, 2020
Updated 5-26-2020; 5-27-2020; 6-5-2020

Who will take better care of your kids—you or an underpaid worker? I know what the answer should be. If we want a better future, we should spend twice as much time with our kids and half the money on them. We might be surprised at the happiness found in having less as 2 Cor. 6:10 says, “having nothing, yet possessing everything.”

-Thomas White;  Is Feminism Helping  Families or Creating  Orphans?  February 21, 2013


Thomas White has spent most of his adult life being “mentored” by Paige Patterson.  White was employed by Patterson at Southeastern Seminary and then in 2004 White tells us, “I followed Dr. Patterson to Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.” You can see this in the screen capture of White’s blog below, written prior to Patterson being fired from Southwestern Seminary in May 2018.

I am told Paige Patterson was also was responsible for the hiring of Thomas White as President of Cedarville University in 2013. Patterson utilized his position on the Cedarville University Board of Trustees and his prestigious reputation within the Southern Baptist denomination to influence the hiring of his underling. Shortly after Patterson was fired from Southwestern Seminary he was also forced to resign from the Cedarville University Board of Trustees. Once it became obvious to Thomas White that his benefactor was no longer useful to his career, and could, in fact, be a detriment, he quietly updated his bio on his blog, deleting the references to Paige Patterson.

Notice that in both versions of White’s bio he informs us that he “loves to lead people.” I am curious to hear White expound on just what he means by that statement. My interpretation of White’s statement is “he loves to be the boss of you.” He comes across as the type of “leader” I would not desire to be “led” by. Here is an example of my meaning from Ruth Lowrie Markham, taken from a guest post  published yesterday:

“I raised my hand and stated that Dr. White (who was also in attendance) told me directly that the board of trustees would only receive a list of names of those who were not approved for tenure. Reno said that, no, that wasn’t correct, they had a whole portfolio of information on each individual who was up for tenure. I addressed Dr. White at that time and stated, “That’s not what you said to me.” He stood up and said, “I’m putting a stop to this right now.” I sat down and shut up, which is what I think he wanted all along.”

Although our “leader of men” has publicly distanced himself from Patterson, it appears that all those years under the tutelage of the Master have born some fruit. (More on that later.)  Those of you familiar with the legacy of Paige Patterson will recall that Paige and Dorothy Patterson had almost pulled off a sweetheart of a retirement deal for themselves. Southwestern Seminary was building a mansion for the Pattersons on the campus grounds of Southwestern Seminary and they were going to be able to live in their new palatial estate free of charge for the remainder of their days. However, as the mansion was nearing completion Patterson was fired, so their retirement plan was foiled. Here is a video of the palatial estate under construction.

So let us now get back to Patterson’s protege, Thomas White. He and his wife, Joy are living the good life. They are both gainfully employed by Cedarville University and on top of their salaries they are provided with a very nice home courtesy of Cedarville University

As you can see, their home is situated on a large wooded lot and would seem to have ample room for their family of four. Additionally it seems they have plenty of room to host parties and dinners for Cedarville staff and students.

But, alas, this lovely home just isn’t large enough for the entitled Cedarville University President and First Lady. The Whites are doing the Pattersons one better – they are not waiting until they near retirement to move into a mansion, they want a mansion now!  But while the larger home seems rather hard to justify, I totally understand their desire to cut the distance of their commute down. I would guess the location of their new home will shave a good 2 or 3 miles off their ride to work!

On May 9 a comment was left on an article published by Julie Roys  stating that “There is a sizeable new home for the CU President being constructed on University property designed specifically to meet the needs of the White family. Check out wielandbuilders on Instagram and take a look at the Cedarville home under construction.”

Apparently the Whites are reading Roys’ articles and comments because  the Wielandbuilders changed the name of the White new home project from “Cedarville” to “Cedar Grove” to “Greenfield Grove.” I assume the Whites must be a bit embarrassed by their taste for the good life, courtesy of Cedarville University donors, and they hoped to keep their new mansion out of the pesky blogs.


A friend of mine who is very adept at tracking down hard to find information went to work and provided me with all the details of the new White home. You can see it all below.


Below is a short video I made to document the new shack the Whites hope to be moving into in the near future. Wouldn’t it be ironic, and somewhat fitting if, just like the Master, the student is denied the privilege of ever living in the mansion?

(Note from the editor: The video below has been added on 5-26-2020 @0012 Local)

I received a comment a short time ago from a Cedarville student which stated that Thomas White had explained to the students the reason for building the new Presidential mansion. The student also advised that White’s comments were on a video. I have recorded the relevant six-minute section of the video and provide it here without comment. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.

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