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Dever Calls Out Osteen But Continues to Promote Mahaney’s Book

By | October 3, 2014

“What kind of hard heart are we witnessing in the SGM abuse scandal?  What kind of hard heart sides easily with a wealthy pastor against those who suffered at the hands of sexual abusers under his watch and then does so in the name of the One Who had no place to lay his head? What kind of… Read More »

“Crazy Busy” Kevin DeYoung Makes Time to Preach at Mahaney’s Run-away “Church Plant!”

By | August 22, 2014

http://vimeo.com/68555998 Standing By – Stefan Van Voors While I was in the USA the past few weeks I had the privilege of meeting with Dee and Deb of The Wartburg Watch along with about 12 former members of Sovereign Grace Churches.  Many of these former members are the parents of children who were sexually abused while attending Sovereign… Read More »