C.J. Mahaney Withdraws From T4G 2014 Conference

By | July 2, 2013

C.J. Mahaney has just issued a statement, published on the T4G website, withdrawing from the T4G 2014 conference, T4G has now removed the joint statement of support for C.J. Mahaney by Mark Dever, Al Mohler and Ligon Duncan from the T4G website. I, along with many others, have saved the original statement.  Below is a sentence taken from the statement:

“A Christian leader, charged with any credible, serious, and direct wrongdoing, would usually be well advised to step down from public ministry. No such accusation of direct wrongdoing was ever made against C. J. Mahaney.”

The sentence was factually incorrect. They then changed the embarrassing statement without any notification of having done so, an ethically questionable maneuver which they were immediately called out on.

“When a leader walks into a room, a passion for truth had better enter with him.”              -Albert Mohler, “The Conviction To Lead”

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Here are links to both the original and the amended statements:



One wonders how 3 major Christian leaders could act in such a manner.

One wonders if perhaps criminal charges are looming in the near future for C.J. Mahaney?

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