Lily & Madeleine

By | August 15, 2013


I really like the sound of these 2 young ladies.  The way they harmonize reminds me, in a remote way, of Simon & Garfunkel.


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prada メンズ

I’ve been stalking your blog, Todd. I like your song selections . . . a lot! I’m a “choir mom” aka high school choir accompanist. I am going to post these on my Facebook wall and choir groups. The kids will enjoy these young ladies.

Glad you like the music Julie Anne. You may wish to go to this site:

I get emails from them (NoiseTrade) once or twice a week with updates on musicians who generally have not made it big-time yet, but are very talented. As you will see you have the option of paying whatever you wish for downloading the music.

I also read your blog all the time and really appreciate the work you are doing.

Thanks for the link and for your kind words, Todd! 🙂