John Piper Goes to Nineveh

By | December 4, 2013

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I am happy to report that John Piper has removed the video he filmed in Dubai.  I thank him for doing so.  My post has served its purpose and therefore, not wishing to harm the cause of Christ,  I have removed it.  Thanks to all who have prayed and taken action to effect this change.

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Great news. Due to your vigilance, the video has been taken down. You are awesome!


I found Pipers video to be very encouraging!

M. Joy

Seriously, another conference? What else does John Piper have to say after 30+ years in the ministry? It makes me WEARY to watch this baloney. (But perhaps he is trying to prove to the world that he is not picking up seashells in his retirement – YAWN) Wow – how did our parents and grandparents and all the generations before them live Christian lives without these conference know-it-alls telling them how to live?


Really enjoy reading your posts Todd. On I-Monk last year I called out John Piper on tornadoes before he blogged about it. It was embarrassing…I really see no difference between him and Pat Robertson. The only difference is that one gets excited to hurricanes and earthquakes. The other to tornadoes.

Big Blue Fan in Asia

Hey, TW. Thanks for blogging! I especially appreciate your highlighting the sensationalism used by these celebrity “pastors” for their conferences in Dubai. I used to buy into all that hype. I probably even talked like that (Piper in the first video) sometimes, too. Ick. Now I find it quite distasteful. Keep on bloggin’, brother, and using your front-row seat to expose stuff that a lot of us wouldn’t otherwise know about.