What Books Are The Celebrity Christians Reading?

By | January 24, 2014

Did you ever wonder what books were in Al Mohler’s incredibly huge stack of books?  

Did you ever wonder what books “crazy busy” Kevin DeYoung finds time to read?

Wayne Grudem is too busy to respond personally to emails.  His assistant does that for him.  He is also too busy to prepare new sermons for his occasional guest speaking commitments. One would expect such a busy man to manage his time wisely, this would include the books he chooses to read.  Ever wonder what books the busy Mr. Grudem finds time to read?

How about Webb Simpson, a professional golfer on the PGA tour?  Surely his schedule is quite full.  I wonder what a professional golfer with very limited free time would make the time to read.

How about Thabiti Anyabwile? He is busy jetting around the globe, writing books, preaching at conferences, making guest appearances at John Folmar’s church in Dubai and C.J. Mahaney’s church in Lousisville and is also senior pastor of a 9Marks Baptist church in Grand Cayman.  Do you wonder what this busy man finds time to read?

Well, I can’t tell you all the books these super-busy celebrities read, but I can tell you one book they have all recently read.  Here it is:

Screenshot 2014-01-24 13.54.56

This sure to be “earth-shaking” book on a subject I don’t believe has ever before been  addressed is not yet even available to you and I. Unless you are a celebrity Christian or a professional golfer you will not be able to get your hands on it until March 31, 2014.  Undoubtedly this book will rank right up there with Kevin DeYoung’s “Crazy Busy” as volumes destined to be timeless Christian treasures on par with John Bunyan’s “Pilgrims Progress.”  Therefore I would urge you to immediately go to Carolyn Mahaney’s blog and pre-order your very own copy right now!

Seriously though, what is up with the combined husband/wife endorsements? (The complete page of reviews can be viewed here.)

Screenshot 2014-01-24 14.12.08

I have trouble believing the men listed above have actually read this book.  Once again this is a display of the Christian celebrity culture being utilized to sell books.  If these guys have not read the book then I have a serious problem with their integrity.  If their wives are the individuals who actually read the book, which I suspect is the case, then why not just list the names of the women?  Is it because Mary K. Mohler doesn’t make much of an impact on consumers if listed solo?  I believe you know the answer to that question.  Can we expect to start seeing the names of both Al and Mary Mohler on future endorsements of weighty theological tomes? I think not.

The whole scene is repulsive to me.  Carolyn Mahaney is attempting to make bank on the (tarnished) reputation of her celebrity husband.  The “good-ol boy” network of celebrity preachers once again demonstrate that even though C.J. Mahaney is a blackmailer and covered up sexual abuse in churches he ruled over, it will not keep them from lending their names to endorse the book that the wife of their good buddy authored, a book that in all likelihood they have not even read.  And lastly, one must wonder if a Christian publisher like Crossway has any concern whatsoever with integrity?

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