C.J. Mahaney Desperately Attempting To Recapture Celebrity Status

By | March 6, 2014


It looks as if C.J. Mahaney may being attempting to revive his flailing conference speaking career by hitching his wagon to a different horse.  Many of his recent efforts at re-inserting himself into the conference scene have been unsuccessful.  T4G dumped him from their venue.  He was originally slated to speak at Piper’s mission conference over Christmas break, but negative feedback caused him to be bumped from that venue.  Then he was supposed to speak at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary but that institution was also forced to un-invite him.  He has been able to speak at a few small conferences held at SGM churches, but these churches are probably filled with devotees who already own all his books.  It is hard to keep the cash flowing into the coffers if you can’t regularly speak at large venues as one of the marquee celebs.

Curious to me is the fact that Mahaney has been able to secure a speaking slot amongst this group of Anchors. (What is that saying about throwing a drowning man an anchor?) Most of them appear to come from MacArthur’s camp and I am sure you have all read about the Strange Fire conference held a few months back at MacArthur’s church. If not, let’s just say MacArthur didn’t endear himself to any from the Charismatic crowd.  Mahaney’s SGM churches used to be known for being both Charismatic and Calvinistic, but in recent times Mahaney seems to be moving away from his Charismatic roots.  (Or perhaps the Holy Spirit has been moving away from him.)  I have not heard of any of these other speakers; perhaps those who have heard of them run with different crowds and these crowds may not be familiar with the blackmailing, sexual abuse cover-up man known as C.J.  I guess one of the additional benefits of speaking to a new crowd is Mahaney doesn’t have to go to all the bother of preparing a new sermon.  Just pull out one of his 4 or 5 canned sermons he can deliver from memory!  Well, I better run along,  it’s time to write the conference organizer an informative letter!
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