Is Josh Harris Getting in Touch With His Feminine Side?

By | May 24, 2015
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Is Josh Harris Getting in Touch With His Feminine Side?

Guest Post by Janna Chan

Thanks to Todd Wilhelm for letting me write a guest post.

pretty flowers

Why is “Complementarian” Josh Harris Comparing Himself to a 14-year-old girl?

Josh Harris is the Christian celebrity and newly former Senior Pastor of Covenant Life Church in Gaithersburg, Maryland. I’m not big on gender stereotypes myself, but can’t help wondering why, since he stopped being a Pastor,  a big advocate of the “Christian complementarian movement,” that advocates pressuring men and women to adhere to traditional ideas about masculinity and femininity, appears to be getting in touch with his adolescent feminine side, on Twitter. Josh Harris, who has made big bucks marketing books about how men in courtships should be manly is posting tweets such as the following:


“I have a perfect body but sometimes I forget. I have a perfect body cuz my eyelashes catch my sweat.” – Regina Spektor

(My commentary: I’m surprised that a 40-year-old macho man appears to be having body image issues typically associated with women. Or knows who Regina Spektor is, for that matter).

Fulfilling a life-long dream & speaking at a conf with a theme named after an *NSync album

(My Commentary: As evidenced by the picture of five attractive young men above, NSYNC is typically a music  group that appeals to teenage girls, not 40-year-old macho men)

I want to guest star on just so they could use the line, “Hey, where’s Perry? And where’s Katy Perry?”

(My commentary: I think this one speaks for itself).

Just signed up for a class with J.I. Packer. I feel all tingly inside like a 14-yr-old girl with tickets.

(My Commentary: Are you saying you have a Godly masculine crush on J.I. Packer, Josh?)


Again, I don’t care about gender stereotypes, but I think that Josh Harris needs to revisit all the material he’s written about Godly masculinity if he wants to keep pushing the idea that God wants men to act like MEN!, not 14-year old girls.

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