David Platt Announces SBC International Mission Board in Dire Straits

By | September 12, 2015

“God’s work done in God’s way will never lack God’s supplies.”
-Hudson Taylor

1 Platt

David Platt, director of the SBC International Mission Board has the unenviable task of attempting to gain control of an SBC missions budget that since 2010 has spent $210 million more than what they have collected. Because of this, Platt said, they will need to cut 600-800 individuals from their payroll.  It is clear the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Church is lacking God’s supplies. 2015-09-12 Open letter from Platt on SBC financial woes

IMB announces voluntary retirement incentive details

2015-09-12 IMB Voluntary Retirement

2015-09-12 IMB Volutary Retirement 2
Assuming Hudson Taylor’s quote above to be accurate I am left to conclude that either a) God’s work is not being done or b) the work is not being done in God’s way.

There is one other option. May I be so bold as to suggest that Christ is judging His church?  Look at this screen capture below.  It contains just some of the SBC pastors who were sexual predators.  For a full list visit this page of the Baptist Predators web site.

2015-09-12 SBC Scandalous ministers

At the Southern Baptist National Convention in 2013  some delegates, weary of the continuing sexual abuse scandal in their denomination, tirelessly worked to successfully pass the resolution below: 

2015-09-12 Full Abuse Resolution from SBC

Prior to the resolution passing the Baptist News Global talked with Pastor Peter Lumpkins, the author of the resolution and he had this to say:

“The Georgia preacher who proposed a resolution urging the Southern Baptist Convention to get tough on predators says Baptist leaders’ public support of an evangelical preacher accused in a lawsuit of covering up child sex abuse has tarnished all Southern Baptists.

What’s more, said Peter Lumpkins, pastor of Corner Stone Baptist Church in Waco, Ga., a show of support by Albert Mohler and Mark Dever for C.J. Mahaney of Sovereign Grace Ministries sends a painful message to those who have been abused: that alleged perpetrators are valued over victims.

“Mohler and Dever make these victims appear that they don’t count,” Lumpkins said Monday in Houston, where he will be a messenger at the SBC’s annual convention Tuesday and Wednesday. “And because they are such high-profile leaders, they make Southern Baptists look like that, too.”

Should it make it out of committee and be approved by messengers, Lumpkins’ resolution would urge convention entities to enact more stringent and uniform anti-abuse policies, implore ministers and churches to more readily notify authorities anytime abuse is reported, and push convention officials and agencies to break ties with outside groups involved in abuse cases.

Mohler, president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and Dever, senior pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, have joined evangelical author and preacher John Piper and others who have expressed support for Mahaney, whose Sovereign Grace Ministries is the target of a multi-plaintiff Maryland lawsuit alleging multiple instances of child sexual abuse by various SGM ministers.”

– See more at: https://baptistnews.com/ministry/organizations/item/8572-sbc-should-support-sex-abuse-victims-pastor-says#sthash.eSPwFq0U.dpuf

Special attention should be paid to this paragraph:

“RESOLVED, That we encourage all denominational leaders and employees of the Southern Baptist Convention to utilize the highest sense of discernment in affiliating with groups and or individuals that possess questionable policies and practices in protecting our children from criminal abuse;”


This paragraph was written to specifically address several high level leaders in the SBC denomination, including Mark Dever’s and Albert Mohler’s ongoing ties to C.J. Mahaney.  Mahaney was subsequently dumped from the 2014 Together 4 the Gospel conference.

But recently it has been announced that Mahaney will be rejoining the conference in April 2016.  Sharing the stage with him, among others, are SBC members Albert Mohler, Mark Dever and David Platt.  These men are blatantly disregarding the resolution passed in 2013.

t4g 2016 speakers

Can God bless a denomination whose leaders are so callous towards their members wise resolution, a resolution which had as its intent the protection of children from sexual predators? Can God bless a denomination whose leaders choose to support a tainted friend while showing no concern whatsoever for so those victimized by sexual predators?

I think not.

“But I have this against you, that you have abandoned the love you had at first. Remember therefore from where you have fallen; repent, and do the works you did at first. If not, I will come to you and remove your lamp stand from its place, unless you repent.” (Revelation 2:4-5 ESV)


Additional information:

Overall donations are down in the SBC. The article can be read in its entirety here.  Below is the relevant section.

Stewardship Challenges. Are you aware that tithes and offerings given by church members to Southern Baptist churches have declined by almost 8 percent over the last seven years? Total receipts reported by our churches in 2014 are almost one billion dollars less—yes, that’s billion—than in 2008.

Though the average percentage CP gift per church has stabilized over the past four years (between 5.4 and 5.5 percent of undesignated offerings), when coupled with the decline in total giving to our churches, our SBC ministries received fewer CP dollars to send missionaries, plant churches, and train future leaders.

According to recent Annual Church Profile reports, we have no record of CP giving from more than one-third of our churches. We know some of them gave through their respective state conventions, we just don’t know which ones.

Then add one more underlying fact. The average American gives only 2.32 percent of his or her disposable income to charities. While we continue to have many tithers in our churches, overall giving through our churches mirrors that percentage.

Do you see a trend? Churches have significantly less money than they had before. Certainly there are exceptions for which we give praise to the Lord. However, overall trends show a disturbing lack of support for our churches. Therefore, when churches receive less, they tend to give less to missions and ministries beyond the four walls of their churches.


The Wartburg Watch weighs in on the problems of the IMB.


William Thornton, a retired SBC pastor ably writes on the problems of sexual abuse in his denomination here. He also writes on the financial woes of the IMB here and here.





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They R Together For The Gospel

Theirs of course.

SBC Messengers…there for show.

What is even worse is that even though Platt came recently, he was all rah rah back at the convention about adding missionaries then this bomb shell drops. And worse, the trustees did not vote on the solution but were “told” about it. So the very bureaucrats that caused the problem are implementing the solution! They were not fired?

And even worse, the big names like Akin, Iorg and other seminary presidents are accusing SBC pew sitters of robbing God and being selfish for not giving more. So they overspend based on way too high projections even though giving was actually up!

These are selfish greedy men in big offices at headquarters who are laying off older workers in the field. And worse, they made them a ‘Godfather’ offer they cannot refuse by saying they are being very generous (they are to be out by DEC) and it is voluntary but if you don’t take it, things wil be much worse for you.

Oh, and Platt is determined to rehire 300 young new missionaries. How much you wanna bet they are YRR?

Why people give them one penny after this, I will never know. But Platt is being hailed all over as a great leader. Right, someone gave him talking points! Oh and tell the over 50 missionaries what a great leader he is since he quite being Radical and has a comfy office and high salary.


I agree about Platt’s motives for wanting younger missionaries but am surprised that he’s dumb enough to publicly announce his intention of doing something that is likely illegal and certainly unwise.

Discriminating against people over 40 is an illegal EEOC violation.

I hope these “has-been” older missionaries file a class action suit against Platt and the SBC, as the case would be a slam dunk.

In the business world, Platt and his high-level underlings would be fired and then investigated for fraud.

I sure wouldn’t take David Platt’s word respecting where past donor funds have really gone or give his organization another penny.

😉 Janna

Janna, Can’t the IMB claim they operate as a church and therefore not subject to labor/discrimination laws? That is what SWBTS did when they demoted a woman Hebrew Professor because the new President, Paige Patterson, said it was wrong for a women to be teaching men.

She sued and lost because the judge bought into the argument that SWBTS operated as a church.


That’s a good question that I can’t answer definitively as I’m not an employment lawyer

My lawyer friends also say that no legal issue is ever a slam dunk, so I probably shouldn’t have stated otherwise.

Churches can get away with almost any violation of labor laws. But non-profit religious organizations, that are not Churches, are generally expected to follow the rules a for-profit corporation would have to adhere to based on the research I’ve done.

I don’t think that IMB would be considered a Church, yet I could be wrong.

Different judges might also have differing opinions about the matter.

My primary point is that David Platt should not put himself and his organization in danger of being sued by so blatantly discriminating against people based on their age.

Young people are cheaper to hire than folks over 40 and many companies do discriminate against older employees.

They’re just more subtle and savvy about it.

Platt’s lack of integrity I can understand. His naivete about business and legal issues is surprising.

Thanks for making me think, Lydia. 😉

Good post Todd!! Maybe David Platt can sell this as a “Gospel Centered Shortfall”

Heavens, does no SBC leader have a business degree or know someone who does?

I haven’t looked through all the sources above but find it interesting that David Platt doesn’t state clearly whether or not decreased giving, rather than over-staffing, has played a role in the SBC’s overseas missions’ programs so-called budget short-falls over the past 5 years.

$210,000,000 million dollars is a lot of money for a non-profit religious organization to be hemorrhaging for 5 years, and therefore there must have been much internal discussion about IMB’s financial problems.

It sounds to me like giving to the SBC missions wing in general has gone down dramatically, and Platt and others have sought to cover that up by liquidating the organization’s solid assets like land and other forms of property.

No one wants to have to tell donors that things are falling apart, yet at some point there will be a reckoning.

This “Together For the Gospel Conference,” which Platt is speaking at, is getting more and more appealing (not).

Apart from moral issues, I don’t think that Pastors need Platt and Mahaney to tell them how to financially ruin formerly successful religious organizations.


Janna L. Chan