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Moore’s Voyeurism, Patterson’s Generosity, and White’s Belief in Restoration!

This is my third post about Anthony Moore.  The first post is titled “It Takes a (9Marx) Village” and the second post is titled “Cedarville University Professor Reportedly Fired From The Village Church For Sexually Abusing a Male Subordinate.” You will recall that Moore was fired from his position of Lead Pastor at the Fort Worth Campus of… Read More »

It Takes a (9Marx) Village

The above quote of Boz Tchividijian was made in 2013. I remember thinking at the time that Tchividijian was perhaps being overly dramatic to emphasize his point that sexual abuse in the Protestant Church was bad. After I spent some time following Tchividijian I realized he isn’t a man who is overly dramatic about anything, rather, he is… Read More »