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Secret Letter From Grace Baptist Church To Members Is Revealed

Grace Baptist Church of Cedarville, OH appears to have a penchant for secret operations. First, they kept Anthony Moore’s paraphilia disorder secret from the members. Now Senior Pastor Craig Miller and his fellow Elders (including Dr. Jason Lee, Dean of Theology at Cedarville University) want to keep their admission of the bungled handling of Anthony Moore’s “restoration to… Read More »

Anthony Moore & the Connection Between Grace Church, The Village Church and Cedarville University

“We came into the world like brother and brother; And now let’s go hand in hand, not one before another.” ―William Shakespeare Julie Roys has just published a new article titled, “Leaked Email Reveals Cedarville President Withheld Information From Trustees & Conflicts With Public Statements.” In Roys’ article, she displays the leaked email authored by  Dr. Thomas White,… Read More »

Moore’s Voyeurism, Patterson’s Generosity, and White’s Belief in Restoration!

This is my third post about Anthony Moore.  The first post is titled “It Takes a (9Marx) Village” and the second post is titled “Cedarville University Professor Reportedly Fired From The Village Church For Sexually Abusing a Male Subordinate.” You will recall that Moore was fired from his position of Lead Pastor at the Fort Worth Campus of… Read More »