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Mefferd Reveals Third Occurrence of Driscoll Plagiarism

UPDATE 12-2-2013 Carl Trueman has hit another home run with his latest article on the Reformation 21 website.  Read it here. ======================================================== I am actually tiring of writing on the subject of Mark Driscoll’s plagiarizing.  I would suspect that if an individual were motivated to closely examine all of the books Driscoll has authored many more cases of plagiarism… Read More »

The Evangelical Industrial Complex

“This could well prove an interesting test case for the ethical stature of conservative evangelicalism.  Is there an evangelical industrial complex out there or is there a morality which transcends and ultimately regulates the evangelical marketplace?” -Carl Trueman from a blog post titled “Judge For Yourselves.” Sadly, we have our answer. There is an Evangelical Industrial Complex and… Read More »