Simple Things

By | February 1, 2014

“The older I become, the more I become grateful for life’s simple things – love and honor, mercy and truth, grace and redemption – and resolute against those who distort them to exploit others.”

-Jim Wright, Crossroad Junction


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The source doesn’t match the message unfortunately. Jim Wright has a long history of online defamation and untruths.


Todd…In my own faith crisis I had some things that I discovered or rediscovered. In a way I had my own personal renaissance in discovering art, classical music, and theater. Really appreciated the music you posted. Here are a couple of personal favorites that I rediscovered or found.

Joseph Haydn “Surprise Symphony”

Gustav Mahler

Aaron Copland “Fanfare for the Common Man”

Aaron Copland “Appalachian Spring”

There is more, Brahms, Mozart, Verdi, Greig, etc…