Spiritual Abuse

By | March 2, 2014

A friend of mine has attended UCCD (United Christian Church of Dubai) for years; a more sincere, god-fearing, humble man you would be hard pressed to find. In November he informed UCCD he was quitting their church and has not attended since. Last week UCCD put him on their “care” list. Generally this is their precursor to some more extreme disciplinary measures. Methinks a certain 9Marks church in Dubai fancies itself to be the Catholic Church in the Middle Ages. I dedicate the cartoon below to them.


“When committed Christians regularly see other members’ salvation questioned when they leave their church, it is very difficult for them to consider leaving – God, salvation, and the group seem to be synonymous.”
Twisted Scriptures: Breaking Free From Churches That Abuse” by Mary Alice Chrnalogar, page 189

“Often the leaders do not want their followers to even consider information. Attacking the motives and credibility of a critic is an effective way to accomplish this. When members are conditioned by leaders to believe that information is credible only if the source of that information is acceptable, it is unlikely followers will seriously consider anything said by those ridiculed by the leaders. These victims become putty in the hands of these leaders.”
“Twisted Scriptures: Breaking Free From Churches That Abuse,” by Mary Alice Chrnalogar, page 144

“Fear that their group might be guilty of excessively controlling members’ lives actually causes some disciples to deny the possibility of mind control. Many Christians in and out of discipleship groups find it hard to believe that any group which preaches the Gospel, evangelizes, and baptizes people for Christ could use a sophisticated program to control members. Denial, unfortunately, does not change the facts. Mind control techniques can exist in any group or organization.”
“Twisted Scriptures: Breaking Free From Churches That Abuse,” by Mary Alice Chrnalogar, page 193

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