Two Items of Concern

By | May 22, 2014

A panel discussion took place a while back and Carl Trueman posed the question to his colleagues “why is it always the same 12 men speaking at the conferences?” All the celebs responded with “amens” and “that’s good Carl.” Judging by their loud clapping it would seem those in the audience also agreed with Dr. Trueman’s assessment. I believe Dr. Trueman even suggested inviting a pastor from a small church, a man whom nobody has heard of, to speak at a conference. In spite of this nothing has changed.  I guess these speakers have such an inflated view of their own importance that they deem themselves the only ones able to expound God’s truth to the masses.  Either that or the gravy train is too lucrative to give up.  Perhaps both are true.

2014-05-22 9Marks conference


On another issue close to my heart Tulian Tchividjian gave voice to my feelings.  The Gospel Coalition members who published their statement of support for C.J. Mahaney need to now go back and retract their statement and apologize to the evangelical world.

Tchividjian didn’t mention it, but the same goes for the men who published the T4G statement and the celebrity pastors who chose to speak and endorse Mahaney at his church.

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