Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?

By | September 20, 2014

1 Phillip jensen

“The Most Rev Dr Glenn Davies, the Anglican Arbishop of Sydney (left), and the Very Rev Phillip Jensen, Dean of the Cathedral (right), greeted the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as they climbed the steps of St Andrew’s Cathedral in Sydney’s centre.”

Anglican Philip Jensen, Dean of  St. Andrews  Cathedral, Sydney, Australia, will be coming to the United Christian Church of Dubai for a two day conference on October 17-18.

At first glance one may think this is a rather strange pairing, after all John Folmar, pastor of UCCD and former assistant pastor under Mark Dever at Capitol Hill Baptist Church, holds to the IX Marks views of church membership and church discipline; views which are significantly more radical than those an Anglican would hold.

Additionally, Anglicans hold to padeobaptism whereas John Folmar holds to believers baptism.  Mark Dever has even went so far as to say that his brothers who hold to the padeobaptism view are sinning.

Sometime after I had resigned from UCCD their leadership discovered that I was attending the Anglican church, situated right next door to them. They saw fit to relay to me a less than charitable opinion of my choice.

That said, Phillip Jensen is considered an “evangelical” Anglican and he and Mark Dever have forged a friendship that goes back several years. Both Dever and Folmar encourage their members to utilize Jensen’s booklet “Two Ways To Live” as a helpful aid in sharing the gospel with unsaved friends.  The on-line version of this booklet may be viewed here.  They also wholeheartedly endorse most everything from Matthias Media, an Australian publisher started by Phillip Jensen.

Below are two audio clips which I culled from the one hour interview of Jensen by Dever. Though lengthy, I found the video very interesting. This first audio clip deals with money and how it influences the American clergy, and conversely, why it doesn’t have an influence on Australian clergy.  From what Jensen says, I doubt he would be promoting Mahaney’s books!

In this second audio clip Dever asks Jensen if he finds it helpful to have men around him in leadership roles who are not simply yes-men.  I was surprised that Dever holds the view I subscribe to.


I would like to commend UCCD on their choice of Phillip Jensen to speak at their conference.  If I were not planning to be in London at the time of the conference I would be in attendance.