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By | October 17, 2014

“What we know about God these days is giving us a deep stream of shallow books and is filling our libraries. (We are not despising true learning, and certainly not that wisdom which comes from above.) But what we know is one thing; whom we know is quite another. Paul had nothing, but yet “possessed all things.” Sublime paradox! Blessed poverty! This blessed man was loaded spiritually. Building Christ’s empire and writing the oracles of the Lord never unbalanced him. Yet despite Paul’s incomparable record, we find him toward the end of the journey still longing for more: “That I may know him, and the power of his resurrection, and the fellowship of his sufferings, being made conformable unto his death.””
-Leonard Ravenhill, “Why Revival Tarries”

Spring of Life – Paul Clark

You may recall that on May 13, 2014 I met with Ranjini Ganta, manager of the Bible Society Centre, a bookstore in the lower level of the UCCD church. While the bookstore is an independent entity, the selection of books they stock is heavily influenced by UCCD.  Indeed, UCCD seems to either not be satisfied with the books offered in the Bible Society bookstore, or they have realized there is a nice profit to be made if they sell books themselves. Whatever the reason, UCCD now sell books at the back of their church.



A few weeks ago I heard John Folmar, senior pastor of UCCD, promoting the book “Modest.”  The book, co-authored by Tim Challies and R.W. Glenn, is no longer available from Challies’ publishing company, Cruciform Press. Challies decided to pull it after R.W. Glenn was fired from his senior pastor’s job at Redeemer Bible Church in Minnetonka, MN. You can read more on that story here.


Yep, this is what the church should be and do!

After hearing Folmar’s promotion of the book from the pulpit I wrote  the following email, addressed to both Folmar and the chairman of the elder board. Not surprisingly,  I have not heard a word from either man in response.

September 30, 2014
Dear John and Ken.


You may wish to reconsider your promotion from the pulpit of the book “Modest”, co-authored by Tim Challies and R.W. Glenn.  Glenn has recently been removed from his position of senior pastor of Redeemer Bible Church due to a three year affair with a woman in his church.


Challies, whose publishing company, Cruciform, printed the book, has removed the book from the Cruciform website.






Back to my story on the Bible Society Centre. I stopped by the bookstore after the church service today.  It has been 5 months since I met with Mrs. Ganta and I wanted to see if Mahaney’s books were still being sold.  Much to my disappointment, they were.  As a matter of fact, they even had an additional book by Mahaney along with two written by his wife.  I don’t fault Mrs. Ganta for this.  When I met with her in May she was very sympathetic to my cause, but told me that the final say on the matter would be the pastors.

Knowing that John Folmar held the most influence in that group I had little reason to hope for the removal of Mahaney’s books.  After all, Folmar told me a few years back that he considered Mahaney’s “The Cross Centered Life” one of their “go to books” for new converts.  Blackmail and conspiracy to cover up sexual abuse of minors by authors doesn’t seem to matter if the book is “chock-full of good doctrine.”

“Pedophilia… should be confronted and exposed and opposed… and that is what Jesus opposed.”  -John Folmar

When I was a member of UCCD, the church John Folmar is the senior pastor of, I confronted and exposed and opposed the promotion (from the pulpit) and sale of books by C.J. Mahaney. C.J. Mahaney is credibly charged with covering up the sexual abuse of children, blackmailing the co-founder of his denomination and setting up a hush fund to silence a pastor of his denomination whose son was raped by the son of another pastor in the same denomination.

I advised UCCD pastors of this growing scandal and suggested it would be prudent for  them to quit selling Mahaney’s books. Their response? John Folmar asked me to be the “deacon of books” a new position he was creating to manage the book sales in the back of their church.  I told him I would accept the job with the condition that none of Mahaney’s books were sold. This is when Folmar told me he considered Mahaney’s “The Cross Centered Life” one of their “go to books” for new converts. He said he may have to find someone else for the job, but would bring the issue before the elder board and let me know.

A few weeks later, while having lunch with an assistant pastor of UCCD, he told me he was sorry to hear I had turned down the job!  I asked him if the issue had been brought up in the elders meeting.  It had not! I relayed the conversation that Folmar and I had and told the assistant pastor that John Folmar had lied to me.

An hour or two after lunch I received a call from John Folmar informing me that he had spoken with a few of the elders and decided to select someone else for the new deacon job.

I had linked to stories revealing the scandal and lawsuit C.J. Mahaney and Sovereign Grace Churches were involved in on a private Facebook page for UCCD members. This page was created and mangaged by a fellow member who held no leadership position in the church. UCCD assistant pastor, John Welkner, strong-armed the member who had started the Facebook page and took control of it. Welkner then sent me an email informing me he had removed my links to the Mahaney/Sovereign Grace scandal.

Exposing and opposing pedophilia? The only opposing the UCCD pastors were engaged in was opposing my exposing of one of John Folmar’s favorite authors, an author who enabled pedophiles. Who is tolerating “Jezebel?”

There is no question C.J. covered up child sexual abuse despite his audacious denial.  By that I mean, he and his staff intentionally did not report known or suspected child abuse to law enforcement.  That was their policy as stated by Robin Boisvert, Corby Megorden, and Joshua Harris.  It was all handled internally and covered up.  People in harm’s way were not warned.  As a result, abusers like convicted felon Nathaniel Morales went on to abuse and destroy many lives.  C.J. should be in jail.”
-Brent Detwiler, former leader in the Sovereign Grace Denomination  

“Pray for us, for we are sure that we have a good conscience, desiring to conduct ourselves honorably in all things.”
-Hebrews 13:18

“Do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but instead even expose them;”
-Ephesians 5:11

Here are some photos of the books I found on the shelves of the Bible Society Centre bookstore today.  The Go$pel Corporation is alive and well in the Middle East!

2014-10-17 Cross Centered at UCCD

2014-10-17 Humility at UCCD

2014-10-17 Un Gospel Mahany at UCCD

2014-10-17 Carolyn Mahaney at UCCD2014-10-17 Church Discipline at UCCD2014-10-17 Driscoll at UCCD

I hate to bang the same old drum that I always bang at this point, but lay people need to realize there is big money involved, and some of the high profile cases of guys who survive long after they should not have survived because they are no longer of good reputation, some of those cases connect to money. It’s as simple as that.

Every time I say that I get emails from people saying “Well, give me an example.”

Well, it’s hard, but just open your eyes, just open your eyes and look at the level at which some of these guys are living at. We’re not talking of huge millions and millions of dollars, but we’re talking of hundreds of thousands of dollars. In our world we are talking of significant sums of money that are attached to particular names that have become brands.

I assume that I will be totally ignored on this. I would remind listeners that pretty much everything I have said about the celebrity culture and evangelicalism, and pretty much everybody I have called out in the last decade, I’ve been proved to be right; even though you’ve all ignored me. That’s fine.

The whole big money “uber-conference” circuit depends upon big names and the pressure on the one hand to write blog posts about child abuse, and then to tweet stuff protecting people who have been pulled into those kind of scandals. That’s huge; it’s huge because it plays to the gallery on the one hand-that you look cared for and concerned; but when it comes down to what we call “brass tacks,” you’re really not doing the evangelical movement any favors at all.

I think the problem in a lot of evangelicalism now is the money has gotten so big from a lot of these peripheral organizations that they’ve become laws unto themselves, and the blowback on the child abuse thing is that names become too big. They do become indispensable to the economy of evangelicalism and that’s a problem, that’s a real problem.

That points to the optics of a lot of this as well. I’m tired of reading statements coming out from churches and organizations where there has been child abuse, where you get two or three lines of throat-clearing at the start, [stating that]

“We’re very sad that X, Y, and Z’s lives were totally ruined by sexual abuse that we should have taken steps to deal with,” and then you get thirty-six pages of how the devil is using this to destroy some good ministry or some good man’s ministry. The optics on this are absolutely abominable.

This has done incalculable damage to ordinary Christians, not only those who have been abused but those who quite frankly get sick of the cover-ups and sick of the self-serving rhetoric at the top. I can understand why people drift away from the Reformed faith on this score and that’s why I think the leaders need to take more responsibility, we’re not trying to score cheap points here, we’re trying to make the point that our faith is being damaged by the need to preserve certain organizations and certain ministries. That’s a problem!

Carl Trueman, Mortification of Spin

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“When I met with her in May she was very sympathetic to my cause, but told me that the final say on the matter would be the pastors.”

Then perhaps she should find new pastors. Being a woman does not excuse her from taking moral stands.

The Mahaney women knew about/know about the sexual abuse of children in their church and not only failed to stop it – they got a great vacation package out of enabling a pedophile to keep molesting his own kids and possibly other kids.

Talk about selling your soul for a mess of pottage.

I don’t think that God is going to buy their, “but we were just little women following our Godly men,” excuse.

Without meaning to use such what can be an inflammatory comparison (I can’t think of a less extreme one), what would we think if these women had turned Jews into the Gestapo because their husbands told them too?

The Mahaney women are pedophile-enablers, just like their menfolk, and should be held responsible for their behavior.


I agree with your expressed sentiments Janna. The Mahaney gals are up to their necks in the whole evil mess. UCCD’s website still lists “Girl Talk” as one of their recommended blog sites!


Yes, the interesting thing about that blog is that the Mahaney women never talk about going to a homeless shelter or serving the broader community in any way as Jesus did. Their whole lives revolve around being Stepford wives.

One of the daughters is so bored that she keeps taking pictures of dirty laundry (as in soiled clothes rather than what her father has in his closet metaphorically-speaking), her toilets, and other fascinating objects in her house. She actually tries to sell some of this stuff, too.

And for the record, I met one of the Mahaney daughters while I was working at a coffee shop and she seemed like a lovely person. Many others think that this daughter is wonderful person, too.

Yet she knew that her husband and father were aware of abuse at the Church she attended and did nothing about it, in part, because she knew that the pedophiles at that Church knew that other kids were up for grabs but they dare not molest a Pastor’s child.

I’m sorry that she’s in a difficult situation yet that doesn’t excuse immoral behavior no matter how friendly and kind you are.

It’s time to quit wringing hands over the Mahaneys and just try and keep them from harming more people.

Thanks again, Todd. 😉


Todd, I’m setting up a petition to Crossway, Multnomah, and the other relevant publishers asking them to either discontinue publishing Mahaney’s and Harris’ books or explain why they are selling material written by people who believe they have the First Amendment right to enable pedophilia because they have a $25 ordination certificate and call themselves Pastors.

In the meantime, I encourage others to boycott books from these publishers and send them a note saying why you’re doing so.

I would do that myself yet would never buy a book from most of these publishers in the first place. Boycotts can be very effective and are definitely appropriate in this case.


Janna L. Chan

Fantastic Janna! Let me know – feel free to advise in this forum, when the petition is up and running. I will definitely sign it. I did write Crossway about one year ago on the occasion of their introducing “The Gospel Transformation Bible.” They had big adds all over the place with recommendations from all the usual celebrities – including Mahaney. I informed them that because Mahaney was one of the individuals endorsing the Bible I would not be purchasing the volume. It seems that Bible probably hasn’t sold very well. In looking up the name just now I see they have it reduced from the retail price of $40 to $30 and now further reduced to $20.


Thanks, Todd. Mohler, Inc. created the English Standard Bible the Bible so that Crossway could compete with Zondervan’s New International Version. Mohler, in particular, has close financial ties to Crossway as does the entire SBC.

They made up bogus problems about translation issues and essentially told people they were heretics if they didn’t buy the ESV. Wayne Grudem was a big part of this “alter-the-Bible for financial reasons fraud” carried out by people who, ironically, claim to believe that the Bible is infallible.

Zondervan actually took Mohler Inc.’s complaints seriously but could not pass muster, of course, because the SBC and Mohler wanted to market their own Bible and therefore went on a vicious campaign to discredit a competitor.

Al Mohler is a ruthless man with zero integrity. In his case, having his own Bible isn’t a financial thing, it’s an ego booster and a means for him to further pit Christians against other Christians, which he loves doing.

I will do a petition yet will also set up a means for people to send letters snail mail to Crossway and Multnomah about Mahaney and Harris specifically as they have clearly stated that they have the right to advise people to cover up the sexual abuse if children.

I’m also hoping that real clergymen get out of this Evangelical Publishing Cartel and start self-publishing their work so they’re not so dependent on this publishing monoliths and the pedophile-enablers who support them.

Thanks for the support Todd and others!