D.A. Carson on Matthew 18 Abuse

By | June 6, 2015

Hello Folks: This is Another Guest Post From Janna L. Chan

Matthew 18 Abuse

Anyone who has tried to interact with others, on blogs, pertaining to any Mega-Church controversy has gotten the following response to a comment:“It doesn’t matter what you say because you don’t have the right to say it per Matthew 18’s guidelines about talking to another Christian in person before criticizing them publicly.”

Of course, this line of reasoning is sheer nonsense from a common sense perspective, as I indicated in an earlier article about Matt Chandler’s inability to practice Matthew 18 principles due to the large size of his Church. ¬†However, those who ¬†think little of my opinion respecting Biblical issues can be assured that some Biblical scholars interpret Matthew 18 very differently from the way many Mega-Church Pastors view it.

D.A. Carson’s take on Matthew 18 Abuse

Specifically, the noted Biblical scholar D.A. Carson has produced an excellent article about why he believes that Mathew 18’s conflict resolution steps are only meant to apply to issues between members of the same Church Community, not things said or done respecting broad public ministries.

I encourage everyone to read Dr. Carson’s article about Matthew 18 abuse here:

D.A. Carson and Matthew 18 Abuse

Thanks for reading!

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