Of Books and Barn Wood

By | June 10, 2015
Not feeling the love from the Mahaney clan!

Not feeling the love from the Mahaney clan!


The Mahaney girls present a united front when it comes to keeping CJ in the public eye!


2015-06-11 Girltalk tweets on CJ's book suggestions

2015-06-11 Carolyn tweets on CJ books 2015-06-11 Janelle Bradshaw tweets on CJ books 2015-06-11 Nicole Whitacre cj book tweet 2015-06-11 Nicole Whitacre on cj books2


Father’s Day is coming up soon, therefore over at the Girl Blather blog they have taken a break from hawking their reclaimed barn wood signs  in order to toss out a few breadcrumbs of wisdom to the peasant folk struggling to come up with gift ideas for their fathers.  From the girl’s most humble father we have been served with a list of fifteen books, sure to appeal to all manly men, which can be viewed at their latest post titled “CJ Mahaney’s Fifteen Books For Father’s Day.”   Left unsaid is whether CJ actually read these fifteen books or merely culled the majority of them from Al Mohler’s list and then threw in a few sports titles, lest we doubt his manliness.

In keeping with the spirit of suggesting books for Father’s Day and/or summer reading I have compiled a list of fifteen books that CJ Mahaney would never recommend.


2015-06-10 In the Game


1 this little light


2015-06-10 Mortal Sins


2015-06-10 Twisted Scripture


2015-06-10 ABuse and legal responses


2015-06-10 Understanding Abusive Church Leadership


2015-06-10 Predators, pedophiles


2015-06-10 Preventing abuse in congregations


2015-06-10 Gospel of Shame


2015-06-10 Fallible Prophets


2015-06-10 The Failure of the American Baptist Culture


2015-06-10 The Sociopath next door


2015-06-10 Leader Lies


2015-06-10 Lies and the liars who tell them



2015-06-10 The Great Wickedness of Perjury

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How can C.J. Mahaney even talk about hunting Eichman? I really doubt C.J. learned anything from the egregious acts that Eichman did and then the excuse he gave.

As I understand it Eichman was a top leader in charge of killing multiple Jewish people and others during the WW II Holocaust in German’s army. Eichman’s excuse when tried for war crimes was along the lines of he just was following orders.

Some people have wondered how Bill Gothard who grew up when these war crime trials were occurring and heard the excuses this criminals gave of just following orders could teach what he taught about so blindly following orders. Sadly so much of the teaching that Mahaney at least use to teach was a similar mentality of just follow orders.

This really doesn’t surprise me with CJ Mahaney. I shared one of my old blog posts where C.J. Mahaney could teach on the humility described in Phillipians 2 but his actions show Mahaney is more a hearer who has deluded himself.

Thanks, Steve.

I don’t think that C.J. Mahaney has any idea who Adolf Eichman is. The book about Eichman is only on his list because Mahaney’s daughters are just randomly copying and pasting book recommendation from Al Mohler’s recommended book lists.

The Mahaney’s don’t produce much original material.

Thanks. Janna

What book are you talking about that is about Eichman?

“Hunting Eichman” is on C.J.’s original list:



One other good book would be by Jim Bakker saying “he was wrong.”


This was the former televangelist who both was involved in adultery and massive misspending. I am not sure if Bakker is as sincere as his book title states but is a start.


Thanks, Steve. Putting some thought into book recommendations is what’s important to me.

All the books on C.J.’s purported Father’s Day gift list were lifted off Al Mohler’s various and sundry book recommendations.

And Al Mohler wrote a description for each book, as opposed to just chucking up pictures of books and then Twitter-spamming them to the masses. The Girl Schlockers get a small commission from Amazon if anyone buys something through their Amazon links.

And some of the book choices seem strange. Why would you be giving “The Dangerous Book for Boys” to your father?

That book about Adolf Eichmann is excellent, yet probably a little somber for a happy-go-lucky guy like C.J. C.J. once complained that the books on Mohler’s list were too sophisticated for someone of average intelligence.

The Girl Schlocker’s clearly think they can just throw something together and expect people to buy it.

I think those days are over for them.

Wow, I’ll bet the women at Girl Schlock never thought they’d be picking up barn wood in Kentucky for a living.

It’s nice to see them producing something tangible for a change.

Dee Parsons

Great suggestions. Thank you for this list. Too bad CJ and those who love him will never pick up one of those books.