The Victims of Alleged Pedophile Larry Caffery Are Still In Danger Even Though He Is Incarcerated

By | April 3, 2016

Update: 4/30/2016

Alleged pedophile Larry Caffery was released on bail on April 4. Please see this article for more information about his present status and the support that Covenant Life Church is providing him with. 

Hello Everyone:

This Janna L. Chan, the moderator  and occasional guest poster of/on this blog. I hope you’re having a good a Sunday morning. I’d like to do a longer post about the subject below yet want to issue the following public health and safety announcement:

The potential victims of Larry Caffery, the Covenant Life Church member who was arrested March 16, 2016 for 11 counts of child sexual abuse and false imprisonment, are still in danger even though this man is presently incarcerated because the physical and psychological trauma they’ve suffered may cause them to hurt or even kill themselves.

Let me further explain that point. CLC Executive Pastor Mark Mitchell and other leaders of Covenant Life Church have maintained that they can remain publicly silent about the details pertaining to the charges against Larry Caffery because he had only one victim (at most), according to them, and can no longer harm anyone else.

Both contentions are false. Mr. Caffery is 66 years old and many studies indicate that most pedophiles are serial pedophiles who may molest more than 100 children before they are caught. Therefore, for the protection of children, it’s reasonable to assume that if he is guilty, Mr. Caffery may have molested many children during his time as a volunteer in youth ministries at Covenant Life Church.

Furthermore, victims of child sexual abuse often try to harm themselves in ways ranging from slicing themselves up with razors to attempting to kill themselves. And Covenant Life Church has a long documented history of telling abused children and their families that coming forward with their stories constitutes slander and that it is not appropriate to involve the police in situations that may embarrass Church leaders.

Therefore, I urge everyone reading this announcement to avoid attending any activities sponsored by Covenant Life Church. It is not a safe environment for anyone and its Pastors have proven, beyond a reasonable doubt, that they cannot take even rudimentary steps to protect children from the child molesters who attend their Church.

Thank you. Janna L. Chan

Please note that more information about the arrest of current Covenant Life Church member Larry Caffery, for 11 counts of child molestation and false imprisonment, can be found at the following sources:

Analysis By Brent Detwiler

Analysis by Todd Wilhelm

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