CLC Leaders Bo Lotinsky and Don Nalle Just Told Larry Caffery That Covenant Life Church is Supporting Him

By | April 15, 2016

Hello All,

It’s Janna L. Chan. I just got back from District Court in which alleged pedophile Larry Caffery’s lawyer said that Mr. Caffery was waiving a pre-trial hearing and going straight to trial in May. That was my understanding of what the attorney said, at any rate.

That interaction was very brief but led to another encounter that Thou Art The Man readers may be interested in. Two men left the court room as soon as I did. I walked to a bench to sit down but they lingered in the hallway to introduce themselves to Mr. Caffery as Bo Lotinsky and Don Nalle.

Bo Lotinsky is a prominent lay elder at Covenant Life Church. Don Nalle is Covenant Life Church’s communications director. This information can be found on Covenant Life Church’s website. I did recognize Mr. Lotinsky from his picture on Covenant Life Church’s website yet would not have known who Mr.  Nalle was had he not identified himself as being Don Nalle.

Mr. Lotinsky and Mr. Nalle told Mr. Caffery that they were there on behalf of the Church to support him because he is a member of Covenant Life Church. They asked him if there was anything they could do for him. I do not recall the exact details of the conversation but the word “transportation” was  raised.

This tells us several things:

  1. Mr. Caffery is a presently a member of Covenant Life Church.
  2. Mr. Caffery is being enthusiastically supported by Covenant Life Church leaders who sent Mr. Lotinsky and Mr. Nalle out to deliver that message in person.
  3. Mr. Caffery is being supported by Covenant Life Church as an alleged pedophile who is a member even though Covenant Life Church has repeatedly refused to support members who are alleged victims of a pedophile.

I’m certainly glad I’m not part of a Church that expends resources helping alleged pedophiles who are members while hanging alleged victims who are members out to dry.

And I leave that with you.

Janna L. Chan

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Janna, What a strange insult. You are after all the moderator AND wrote the post. Is he the word usage police at his church? How bizarre. Reminds me why I am so glad I am out.


I find this site interesting but you hog too much of the conversation.


Ahh, Lynn, you are either a CLC Pastor or staffer….even the most zealous CLC apologists will not write such foolishness as this.

Where will this end? When will this we’ll run dry? You keep proclaiming innocence yet their is one sexual predator after another in your midst…AND YOU DEFEND THEM!!!!

When is enough truly enough?

Bill M

“Mr. Lotinsky and Mr. Nalle told Mr. Caffery that they were there on behalf of the Church to support him ”
I cannot find the words.


Thanks Janna for doing what is right, I try to remind myself that, without resistance I will not get stronger and will not grow in character.

Lynn S

Who are you? Is it true you are Brent? You make outrageous statements about CLC when it appears you have never been involved there. Your posts on Facebook imply ongoing danger at CLC when until Larry the three cases were decades old.

The pastors at CLC are the ones who suffered great personal rejection by standing up to the abusers who went to Louisville. Why do you continue to make it about them?

Don Nalle is a perfectly nice guy who wasn’t around during the shepherding movement or the sexual abuse scandals.

Bo Lotinsky has taken a huge personal hit in siding with the CLC pastors against SGM.

They are advocates for victims. They ARE victims of SGM.

For that matter, so is Mark Mitchell. Why the witch hunt at CLC? Got to Louisville and look for abusers. See who the perps are there. See what they are doing about it.

CLC appears to be following their statement on how to handle sex abuse. Different pastors are assigned to minister to victim and accuser with 90% more care being provided to the victim. They have a calling to pastor the souls of men, regardless of what they do.

When was I in prison and you visited me?

Also, it is very concerning this perp was released in light of his history of violence. I feel much better if pastors are keeping tabs on him than if he is running amok and nobody knows where he is or what he is doing. If he needs transportation, let’s make sure he doesn’t get a car.


Things really have not changed. So glad you could witness that exchange and share it. We all know how those cultic closed systems operate.

Headless Unicorn Guy

Bo Lotinsky is a prominent lay elder at Covenant Life Church. Don Nalle is Covenant Life Church’s communications director.

Is “Communications Director” CLC-speak for Propaganda Minister?