It is More Blessed to Give than Receive!

By | December 26, 2016

“Boston may be the quintessential American Catholic city, yet the scandal soon proved to be far more than a local story. It became an international story about how the rights of powerless individuals are brushed away in the interests of a powerful institution, about how mortals can damage an immortal faith.

If there are any heroes in this squalid tale, they are the victims, who found their voice, who found the courage, after years of suffering in silence and isolation, to step into the light and say, as one did, “This happened to me, and this is wrong.””

If you didn’t receive a Christmas gift from me this year it was because you weren’t naughty enough. If you did receive this book it is my sincere wish that you will read it and be convicted enough to cease enabling those in the Evangelical Church who sexually abuse children or cover-up the sexual abuse of children in their churches. It would make for a happier New Year for all of us!



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