It is More Blessed to Give than Receive!

By | December 26, 2016

“Boston may be the quintessential American Catholic city, yet the scandal soon proved to be far more than a local story. It became an international story about how the rights of powerless individuals are brushed away in the interests of a powerful institution, about how mortals can damage an immortal faith.

If there are any heroes in this squalid tale, they are the victims, who found their voice, who found the courage, after years of suffering in silence and isolation, to step into the light and say, as one did, “This happened to me, and this is wrong.””

If you didn’t receive a Christmas gift from me this year it was because you weren’t naughty enough. If you did receive this book it is my sincere wish that you will read it and be convicted enough to cease enabling those in the Evangelical Church who sexually abuse children or cover-up the sexual abuse of children in their churches. It would make for a happier New Year for all of us!



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There is nothing like getting the perfect gift for Christmas.
Janna or Todd why do you think no criminal charges have been made against the SGM pastors ?


Todd, you are incredible! What a perfect gift for those ministry leaders.

Janna, thank you for your tireless efforts. I am convinced people need to advocate. They need to understand grooming and how hard it is to even bring a charge on child molestation.

One of my daughter’s former teachers decided after living in a lonely hell of 40 years to bring charges against her continual molester/rapist that started at age 6. Her teen neighbor. It took a long time but she got her day in court. He was convicted but won’t serve time because of the laws 40 years ago. However, it made the media and other victims are coming forward so he might see jail. Not to mention other victims of other perps who contacted her. It is amazing what happens when victims speak up. They need our support.

I want every perp afraid of all the decent people who stand with victims and refuse to look the other way. There are more and more of us.

Thank you for your support, Lydia. I’m sure I speak for Todd when I say that we appreciate your tireless efforts as an advocate for abuse victims, as well. Best, Janna L. Chan (blog team member)


Have they no shame? But really, all of us, what are we doing to support and come along side the victims? Are there any congregations that have made a point to speak out on behalf them? Aren’t there any pastors who are willing to lead? When the SGM abuse came out several years ago, I had ideas that would possibly help, but my weak attempts to be a “change agent” failed, so I turned away myself.

Thank you for caring and for not sweeping this issue under the rug. This is a very powerful post. If you know of any pastors or congregations that are also speaking up, please let us know.

Hi Karen,

Just a quick reply to the big issues you’ve raised. For the past 5 years, in addition to helping Todd and others with the tech side of their blogs exposing abuse, I have interacted with abuse victims and their families extensively, which has let me to do “concrete things” such as attend the hearings of very credibly accused pedophiles or just go to the courthouse to photocopy information from their files to put online.

At one point, I spent 15-20 hours a week on such advocacy efforts.

Therefore, I think I am qualified to state this opinion strongly:

Please don’t give up because the enormity of the crimes we’re facing is so great that you will never feel that you’ve done enough. What can the average person do when faced with the fact that many Churches and major Evangelical Christian Pastors are still supporting a Pastor who sold out a child sexual abuse victim in exchange for her father giving his family a high-end vacation to South Carolina?

And yes, the above has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt because theaccused wealthy man in question is a multi-millionaire who would have sued the person who wrote the article below if anything he said was untrue.

We do what we can and every voice raised in protest makes a difference. I know that’s trite, but it’s true. I hope that helps. Thanks for your support!

Thanks. Janna L. Chan (blog team member)