Who’s Funding Chantry’s Defense?

By | September 19, 2018

Since his initial arrest in December 2016 Thomas Chantry has been represented by John Sears, one of the top attorney’s in Arizona. Sears doesn’t come cheap, leaving me to wonder who is bankrolling Chantry’s defense?

Documents Chantry filled out at the time of his most recent arrest on September 10th indicate Chantry has an income of $2,000 per month. That would perhaps purchase you four hours of John Sears’ services.

My guess is Al Huber, Chantry’s father-in-law is the individual largely responsible for bankrolling Chantry’s defense. Huber owns “NAFCO” a successful machine shop that employs 43 people.  I guess the number of employees is now 42 since Chantry has been arrested.  That’s right, in addition to likely being the source of Chantry’s defense fund, Huber also employed Chantry as a “buyer of raw material/manufacturing.” Perhaps Chantry also takes a turn leading the weekly bible study for NAFCO employees!


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The questions to be asked involve the correspondence between the Chantry controversy and the “Impassibility” doctrinal controversy, both within ARBCA, both coming to a head at similar times. The doctrinal controversy resulted in nearly 1/3 of ARBCA churches either being disfellowshipped or leaving the association. Along with this, a large number of missionaries suddenly became orphaned and defunded. Yet the missions fund continued to collect money – and disburse it.
I wish I had copies of records to show. Unfortunately, I’m one of those who was forced out and those records are sealed. But the head of the AC at the time when both these controversies were converging not only knows, but was instrumental in key decisions to redirect certain funds for legal defense, intended to protect the association from exposure.
Let’s all hope and pray that providence will provide for them to be fully exposed anyway.

Douglas R Belardi

Was Pastor Douglas VanderMeulen, Chairman the then (2016?) AC head?

Brent Detwiler

Douglas VanderMeulen was Chairman of the Administrative Council during their 2014-2015 term. He was followed by Earl Blackburn in 2015-2016.

Brent Detwiler


“But the head of the AC at the time…” Are you referring to VanderMeulen (2014-2015) or Blackburn (2015-2016)?



Your post spells it out as well as I understand the facts. I’m not sure what, if anything, Earl Blackburn’s knowledge or involvement may have been.


At the rate Chantry is going, he will need to get a court appointed attorney and apply for Welfare. Am I misreading this? He has about $194 to his name? I wonder if he tithes anyway? Isn’t his wife working?

Van Helsing

I cannot help but wonder if any members of the Rockford church are unknowingly funding Chantry’s defense? I suspect ARBCA has contributed little financially since many of their funds are probably being diverted to the new seminary in Texas where they can train more Chantry types for ministry.

Good luck with that after this cover-up fellas. Thanks Tom, Walter, and Al. Guess what? Sin usually always has far reaching consequences and rarely just affects the perpetrator involved. There is always collateral damage beyond the direct victims involved. Oh yeah, narcissists don’t get that part. I forgot. Sorry.

It looks like Al Huber will be working into his mid-80s with no “golden years” extravagances and little to no inheritance for his children. He, like many others in well-to-do bankrupt Illinois have bankrupted his/their futures to foot the bill out of guilt and misguided love. Has it been worth it? Can anyone feel bad or sorry about that?

If yes, then I have some ocean front property in Arizona for sale.

Samuel Conner

Perhaps a valid interpretation would be that the provision to TJC of “the best criminal defense counsel money can buy” removes all reasonable doubt of his guilt when he is convicted — cannot blame incompetent counsel. This, in turn, vitiates ARBCA’s attempts to shield itself from responsibility for protecting him.

On that interpretation, Mr Huber may be “doing God’s will” in a decretive sense. “Judgment begins with the house of God.”

Douglas R Belardi


Douglas R Belardi

at $500 an hour , the legal tab must be approaching at least $150, 000, add bail and miscellaneous costs; the costs must be be bankrupting Huber and Walt Chantry and I say “good”

Headless Unicorn Guy

Cue the Sacrificial Giving Sermon from all pulpits — “TITHE! TITHE! TITHE! TITHE! TITHE! TITHE! TITHE! TITHE! TITHE! TITHE!”

Make sure to include the “PERSECUTION!!!!” Card, Spewing out of the Lukewarm on the Last Day, and Crying on Cue with “Movement of the Spirit”.

Van Helsing

Boy, this makes me more saddened then ever since I know Al Huber and had always considered him to be a godly and humble man. Can one remain godly and humble yet deny the reality of sin and its negative and disastrous consequences to many people especially TC’s victims?

Over time I actually came to love Al as a brother in the Lord and looked forward to him “filling the pulpit” in the absence of TC who was arrested and in jail. He seemed very knowledgeable of the Word and used good old fashioned home spun wisdom to effectively communicate God’s precepts. That seemed very genuine to me and others. How can such a disconnect happen?

It is so tragic that he is, most likely, funding most of this debacle, because of his love for his daughter and maybe out of guilt for allowing her to marry TC to begin with. I simply cannot imagine what the believers in the Rockford church must now be going through having to accommodate and abet the Chantry’s at this time. No doubt I will again weep about this situation and for all involved.

The tragedy of unrepentant sin is so devastating to the body of Christ but only those who are of the elect can comprehend this.

Headless Unicorn Guy

Can one remain godly and humble yet deny the reality of sin and its negative and disastrous consequences to many people especially TC’s victims?

How hard is it to understand something when your paycheck, power, and prestige all depend on you NOT understanding it?

And Family alliances are involved.
Specifically, House Huber’s union by marriage to House Chantry.
Like House Baratheon and House Lannister.

Douglas R Belardi

is daddy Walt chipping in?
and who is contributing to his legal defense fund?
ARBCA as ARBCA or just individually?