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Covenant Life Church Infatuated With Celebrities

By | June 6, 2015

“The North American evangelical/fundamentalist brand of Christianity is the religious version of the American civil religion: consumerist individualism. Today’s “Stylites” are more often found in private jets, but they still have followers who conflate holiness with success American style – in other words, as measured by money, possessions, numbers, and (above all) celebrity status.”  -Frank Schaeffer, “Patience With… Read More »

Is Josh Harris Getting in Touch With His Feminine Side?

By | May 24, 2015

Is Josh Harris Getting in Touch With His Feminine Side? Guest Post by Janna Chan Thanks to Todd Wilhelm for letting me write a guest post. Why is “Complementarian” Josh Harris Comparing Himself to a 14-year-old girl? Josh Harris is the Christian celebrity and newly former Senior Pastor of Covenant Life Church in Gaithersburg, Maryland. I’m not big… Read More »

Joshua Harris Resigns From CLC to Pursue an Education!

By | April 21, 2015

After 11 years of leading Covenant Life Church Joshua Harris preached his last sermon on April 12, 2015.  His stated purpose for resigning is to pursue higher education.  Time will tell whether some additional motivations may be revealed. Arguably his crowning achievement was leading CLC out of the Sovereign Grace denomination.  His legacy has yet to be fully established… Read More »