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Sovereign Grace Pastor Nathan Smith Deletes Inconvenient Truths

By | September 27, 2016

  I am sorry to have to inform you that the toxic tentacles of what Bojinar Marinov refers to as the “ministry-industrial complex,” have stretched across the pond, from the USA to the UK. Marinov, in his excellent article “Kevin DeYoung’s Gorbachevian Perestruvka Will Fail,” has rightly described this “complex” as “a conglomerate of denominations, publishing houses, mission… Read More »

Jonathan Leeman: Parsing Words and Deleting Comments

By | September 24, 2016

When we capitulate to evil in the name of “peace”, we become the evil. When we suppress truth in the name of “love”, we become the lie. When we excuse abuse in the name of “unity”, we become the abuser. ~ Jim Wright The following are ten indicators of Fraudulent Authority within Christian organizations and churches. 1). There… Read More »