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C.J. Mahaney Desperately Attempting To Recapture Celebrity Status

It looks as if C.J. Mahaney may being attempting to revive his flailing conference speaking career by hitching his wagon to a different horse.  Many of his recent efforts at re-inserting himself into the conference scene have been unsuccessful.  T4G dumped him from their venue.  He was originally slated to speak at Piper’s mission conference over Christmas break,… Read More »

Serial Sex Abuser Poses as an Anointed Preacher

Below is the description given in conjunction with this video.  I would agree with the part that states this sermon is unique and only Morales could preach it.  The uplifting, freeing, anointed and sure to be blessed part… not so much.  At this point in Morales’ life he had already sexually abused countless youth at CLC and had… Read More »

Laugh While You Can – Very Soon Matters Grow Serious

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNiPXgdMkTo&w=640&h=480] [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=geeRX3XD2Ls&w=853&h=480] The close knit celebrity club of preachers can yuck it up now.  They can loyally support their friend C.J. by making the trip to Sovereign Grace Church of Louisville in a vain attempt to re-establish the credibility of the humble court jester, but remember boys, there is a court date looming right around the… Read More »