Laugh While You Can – Very Soon Matters Grow Serious

By | January 27, 2014



The close knit celebrity club of preachers can yuck it up now.  They can loyally support their friend C.J. by making the trip to Sovereign Grace Church of Louisville in a vain attempt to re-establish the credibility of the humble court jester, but remember boys, there is a court date looming right around the corner.  I have the feeling that the trial of Nate Morales may bring the whole edifice of your club crashing down.

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The following information is from Brent Detwiler’s blog site.

“Chris Glass worked for Grant Layman.  He immediately reported the “youth group discussion” to his superior.   Grant Layman worked for C.J. Mahaney.  He too would have immediately reported because Defendant Mahaney was the senior pastor and required anything of this magnitude be brought to his attention.  Layman is also Mahaney’s brother-in-law.  Moreover, Mahaney knew Morales and was friends of the victims’ parents.  In some cases, close friends!  Not only did Mahaney know all about Morales molestations, he was the one advising Layman not to involve law enforcement.”

“God knows how many children have been sexually abused by Nathaniel Morales since  1979 when one indictment says his first reported offence occurred.  Morales will stand before God and give an account but so will C.J. Mahaney, Grant Layman, Robin Boisvert and anyone else who knew about his heinous crimes but did not report them to law enforcement.  Once these men became knowledgeable, they were required by law to report these sex crimes.

It is incomprehensible that these pastors didn’t do everything in their power to make certain Morales was locked up so he couldn’t destroy any more young lives!  He needed to be stopped.  Instead they let him go and did not track his whereabouts.  This enabled him to become a pastor at the Las Vegas Valley Christian Church in Nevada.  Is anything more irresponsible?  We are not talking about a wolf in sheep’s clothing, we are talking about the liklihood of a wolf in shepherd’s clothing!

Mahaney, Layman, et al. are guilty of criminal neglect if any minors were molested by Morales after these “shepherds” were made aware of his crimes.  Jail time is appropriate.  Furthermore, these men need to be held accountable by Covenant Life Church and Sovereign Grace Church of Louisville.”

“Several shepherds from Covenant Life Church were also wolves.  They are being investigated.  Those who were not wolves but had knowledge of predation were hired hands.  None of them fought off sex abusers devouring children in their midst over the last three decades.  Instead, they abandoned the lambs and accommodated the ravaging wolves!

How many lives have been devastated because Mahaney, the “chief shepherd” of the flock, did not report sex abusers or suspected sex abusers to law enforcement?  He did not report Charlie Llewellyn (nor did Layman).  He did not report Nathaniel Morales.  He did not report other perpetrators.  This resulted in the proliferation of sex crimes that devastated so many lives.  The number of predators and victims only grows as more evidence is acquired.

Defendant Mahaney should have reported Nate Morales to the police the first day he learned about his sex crimes.  Then he should have immediately alerted every parent in the youth ministry that a wolf had been aggressively devouring their children.  Then he should have helped and comforted the victims.  He did none of this.  That is why he is being sued.”