Banned For Life!

By | January 14, 2015

Here we are, midway through January of 2015.  For varied reasons my pen has fallen silent for the last few months, but I am now amply motivated to write of some items which have caught my attention.

Along with my silence in the blog world I have also not been active on Twitter.  Today while looking into a few things I clicked onto Dr. Humility’s page and found this:

2015-01-14 Banned from Mahaneys Twitter account

I don’t know what I did to earn this lifetime ban from the Ceej’s page, but I embrace it as a badge of honor.  I choose to think of it as CJ’s way of “serving me” with the opportunity to grow in humility!  I guess I must be a source of aggravation to the poor man.

Well, one doesn’t have to be too bright to employ work-arounds.  In a matter of minutes I was once again able to view the rich material emanating from the saintly man.  It appears nothing much has changed since my last visit.  You have your usual dose of Spurgeon quotes:

2015-01-14 Mahaney Spurgeon tweets

Mixed in are the occasional quotes from the Gospel Glitterati.  Ceej has always been able to use flattery to get what he wants,  but now days it is not working so well.  Never one to easily walk away from the spotlight, Ceej desperately attempts to stay in the good graces of the power brokers riding the celebrity circuit by regurgitating a few of their tweets:

2015-01-14 Mahaney suck up tweets

Then of course we have the obligatory tweets pumping the entrepreneurial efforts of the Mahaney clan.  Wife Carloyn slaps some paint on old barn boards, scrawls some sappy saying on it and then peddles it to one of her dwindling admirers for a hefty profit:

2015-01-14 Mahaney pumping wifes merchandise


Meanwhile son Chad is attempting to make a name for himself in sports journalism.  Ceej is all to willing to lend his expertise, frequently stealing the show.  I don’t think ESPN has to worry about their ratings:

2015-01-14 Mahaney tweet on sports

So that’s about it, nothing much to see.  C.J. Mahaney doing his best to act as if nothing has happened to his fiefdom over the past three years.  You may wish to check back every once in awhile, just in case Mahaney decides to share his side of the sexual abuse scandal which rocked his world.  The lawsuit was dismissed almost seven months ago.  You can speak freely Ceej – unless perhaps you are worried about incriminating yourself.

2014-11-09 Mahaney statement of innocence

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