Pastor Gene Emerson Visited a Prostitute

By | August 30, 2015

This is a Guest Post by Janna L. Chan, friend of Todd Wilhelm

Per the previous article about Gene Emerson of Kingsway Community Church, if anyone is interested in reading factual information backed up by court documents, pertaining to former (newly) Sovereign Grace Ministries/Kingsway Community Church Pastor Gene Emerson’s conviction of solicitation of prostitution, please see Brent Detwiler’s excellent new article here:

In it, Brent references both Gene Emerson’s Court Summons for a solicitation of prostitution charge (which ended in a guilty verdict) as well as the court document ordering him to get tested for the sexually transmitted diseases HIV and Hepatitis C.

Brent also sheds light on the degree to which former Pastor Emerson attempted to get lawyers to have his case dismissed on a technicality, and copped a form of guilty plea (the Alford Plea) which enabled him to claim that he was innocent even though he acknowledged that the State of Virginia had enough evidence to convict him of solicitation of prostitution. Arguably, he used the Alford plea as an excuse for lying to his congregation and his family about the fact that he indisputably solicited prostitution.

In addition, much attention has been/is being focused on the welfare of the former Pastor Emerson. However, please pray that he has not passed on a sexually transmitted disease to his wife or anyone else he may have been having sex with.

They are the true victims of Pastor Gene Emerson’s criminal conduct.


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Gene was a pastor at my church but he resigned leaving Pastor Matthew as lead Pastor and I was only like 9 at the time so I didn’t know why all of a sudden he just left the church. Just now I started to do research on it and dove a little deeper so thank you for clearing up all the mysteries for me. I didn’t interact with Gene much but from what I heard he was a good man and nobody expected this behavior from him.

Thanks for your comment Daniel. I am glad that you are searching for facts, in my opinion that is always healthy. I must disagree with the assessment that Gene Emerson was a good guy. If you read some of Brent Detwiler’s blog material you will find that Emerson was an unscrupulous hatchet man for C.J. Mahaney.

It seems Mahaney surrounded himself with men who, above all else, were loyal to him. Works great if you are a boss in the Mafia, but not so much for church leaders.

An incredible example of this loyalty was when former SGM apostle Steve Shank queried the SGM lawyer to see whether the threatened blackmailing of Larry Tomczak by C.J. Mahaney was legal. Mahaney threatened to expose the fact that Tomczak’s son had sexually abused a child. This was confessed by the young man to C.J. Mahaney in a pastoral counseling session.

This example also shows that C.J. Mahaney’s proclaimed innocence of covering up sexual abuse in his church is a lie. Law enforcement was never notified of this occurrence.


So it’s not gossip if you ask for prayer? Let it go, these people have families, if you feel so strongly about Gene’s wife pray for her yourself. Take the spec out of your own eye.


Entering an Alford plea admits no guilt nor does it mean he actually is guilty.

Joseph for instance could have entered an Alford plea when falsely accused and doing so wouldn’t have changed the fact he was innocent.

Yes, thanks John. Not being one who works in the legal system I had never heard of such a plea prior to Gene Emerson’s case.


I am afraid I don’t agree with your interpretation of the Alford plea or Gene Emerson’s legal situation, John. For one thing, it has no bearing on whether or not someone, in this case Gene Emerson, has been legally convicted of a crime. The link to the summons below shows clearly that Gene Emerson has been convicted of the crime of soliciting prostitution whether he maintains he is innocent or not.

I also don’t understand your general reasoning. If Gene Emerson believed he was innocent, then why didn’t he plead not guilty instead of using the Alford plea?

Arguably, the Alford plea is a form of guilty plea in which the defendant is considered legally guilty of the crime for which he/she has been charged, for all practical purposes, even if he/she maintains his/her innocence or disagrees with some aspects of the case the State has built against him/her.

Specifically, per the legal reference below, in the Alford plea, someone admits that the State or Federal government has enough evidence to convict him/her but wants to be given the right to informally claim he/she is innocent.

The details vary a little from state to state, but for all practical purposes, the Alford plea constitutes a guilty plea and the person using the Alford plea must formally state that they have been convicted of a crime when asked that question on job applications, for example.

I don’t know who you’re referencing when you say that “Joseph” could have entered an Alford plea.

However, please see the court Summons below in which former Kingsway Pastor Gene Emerson’s Alford plea resulted in a criminal conviction/guilty verdict for the crime of soliciting prostitution.

In particular, please note the check next to the box indicating that Emerson’s plea is guilty, and see that the word “Alford” is penciled in as a secondary condition.

Gene Emerson was found guilty of soliciting a prostitute. All the Alford plea did was enable him to informally lie about his guilt respecting his job as a Pastor, in my opinion and the opinion of many others.

Thanks for your comment.