“They Knew and They Let it Happen”

By | November 4, 2015

A new film is set to be released in a few days and it looks to be a good one.  I am hoping for a sequel on all the sexual abuse and cover-up taking place amongst the Protestant clergy.


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M. Joy

Oh wow, Todd. I hadn’t heard of this. I’m not sure I could watch it without going over the edge. My husband was abused by a protestant pastor and his church did exactly what the Catholic church did – covered it up and moved him somewhere else.

There is a documentary about abuse in overseas mission schools you might want to see. Tragic. http://www.allgodschildrenthefilm.com/

Very interesting! I hadn’t heard about this movie, thanks for posting this. And yes, we’re well aware how this same dynamic was at play in the cover-up of the child abuse happening in Sovereign Grace under the watchful eyes of Mahaney. His actions as Senior Pastor of CLC, and President of SGM, served to reveal he was hardly the humble servant of God, living the Cross-centered life, that he wanted everyone to believe!

Sometimes these men are brought to justice in this world. I suspect Mahaney is left trying to secretly manage the very real consequences of his sins, and that contrary to what he expected, he’s been unable to progress past the boundaries God placed on him. I suspect he’s living with a great deal of pain that his pseudo-sermons on Job are doing nothing to alleviate. Wonder where those explanations are that he longed to share about the lawsuit but couldn’t, claiming “in the face of an ongoing civil lawsuit, I simply cannot speak”?

Thanks for the great comment, Paula. Yes, Mahaney is getting boxed in by his illegal and despicable conduct, and his excuse for not speaking out about the specific allegations against him found in the lawsuit and, arguably, in sworn testimony presented during a major criminal trial, is bogus.

Lawyers encourage clients who believe they are innocent to say so. That helps both the client’s case and his/her public reputation. A lawyer would only advise a client not to refute allegations of covering up sexual abuse if they thought that person was guilty and might compromise herself/himself by saying anything about the case against them.

Also, C.J. Mahaney is still a man with powerful friends and financial means. If all the allegations against him are false, then why isn’t he suing his accusers for libel given the degree to which their allegations have hurt his reputation?

I think Mahaney and the rest of the defendants are declining to speak out because they might be sued for libel if they disparage the reputations of people whom they know they have victimized.

That’s why Mahaney’s supposed denial of guilt, found on his Church’s website, was so vague. All he did was flatly deny all the allegations against him of any kind of misconduct. If, by contrast, he had called a specific victim a liar, he’d open himself up for a libel suit.

Ditto the rest of the defendants.

Thanks again for the comment, Paula.