Excellent Article From Brent Detwiler Analyzing What it Means For Christian Elders To Be Above Reproach

By | May 2, 2016

Hello Everyone:

I’d like to draw your attention to any excellent article by Brent Detwiler analyzing what it means for Christian elders to be above reproach and/or respected by outsiders.

Kevin DeYoung’s Lack of Integrity Obvious in Reproof of Todd Pruitt & Defense of C.J. Mahaney as Above Reproach Like Jesus & Paul

Brent’s article discusses many themes that have recently come up on articles and in comments in posts on this blog. Please comment on an aspect of the above piece you find interesting.

Thanks! Janna


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Rock Church NYC Scandal. How Jim Cymbala of the Brooklyn Tabernacle covered up the crimes of his best friend Dan Iampaglia and paid for his court fees even after he was caught stealing on camera from the offering nine times. Oh, Did I fail to mention he was the senior pastor as well.


I agree with both of your comments and know many others do too. What’s sad to me is these men seem to think they are our leaders, but I don’t believe Christians follow anyone but Christ. What’s horrible is this misuse of their influence to bully people rather than build up the Body of Christ and love those outside.


Really appreciate the honesty here. It is truly sad if and when Christians are bound by legal confidentiality clauses from speaking the truth.

My hurt from the Phil Johnson end is his total lack of compassion that puts “real victims” in a double bind if they speak out of their pain in “the wrong” way, as apparently arbitrarily defined by Phil. That is an abuse of power and a lack of humility on his part. I don’t think he is yet understanding just how many people have been abused at SGM, that it is much like the Mars Hill spiritual abuse, nor does he even seem to grasp what spiritual abuse is.

I’m glad, despite my previous comments of concern, that MOS bit the bullet to speak less crypticly to the issues, but I agree with Brent that there are still a lot of issues to resolve. The point that there is no Togetherness for the Gospel is a heartbreaking reality extending beyond that camp to less Reformed prior supporters of Grace To You, including me.

It’s such a mess, and what has frustrated me is it could have been avoided several years ago, had all these people sat down to listen to victims rather than assuming fellow leaders are somehow superior and more trustworthy Christians.

Ron Oommen

Another good article from Mr Detwiler!

I must say that both Aimee Byrd and Carl Trueman have said some very pointed things – the most direct comments I have seen about TGC from those who would ordinarily be considered part of that organisational ethos going merely by theological sympathies. I find that very heartening and refreshing. While I do think Mr Trueman should have said more about his involvement in the review panel, his and his colleagues’ expressions of thought are most welcome. Especially when one considers the alternative!

Calling a spade a spade is sorely lacking among the powers that be in this mess. It smacks of the baffling reality that theological acumen is no substitute for right thinking and holiness. I don’t know why that is. I don’t know how you can increase in your understanding of Scripture and be a teacher/pastor and be utterly opposed to the spirit of the gospel when it matters. I wish I could explain it but I can’t. Let it be a lesson to me that growing in Christ is not really about how much Scripture I can memorize or explain to myself/others.