Chantry Legally Declared Indigent – Is Al Huber Tapped Out?

By | August 3, 2019

ARBCA pastor and Chantry’s father-in-law, Al Huber has, up to this point bank-rolled the defense of Chantry. I do not know the total amount of money Huber has flushed down the Chantry toilet, but the sum is significant. John Sears, Chantry’s attorney for the first trial, retired at the conclusion of the trial. I am sure Huber significantly added to his retirement fund.  Ryan Stevens, Chantry’s attorney for the second trial, undoubtedly made a tidy profit as well.

Perhaps Huber’s well of cash is about dried up, or perhaps his wife has talked some sense into him, albeit belatedly. The money Huber has spent to defend Chantry could have easily paid for Chantry’s three sons to attend the most prestigious universities in the nation.  I can give Huber a pass on funding the Chantry defense for the first trial; perhaps he actually believed Tom’s story, he is, after all, a masterful liar. But Huber sat through the entire first trial, just as I did. I do not understand how any rational individual could walk out of the courthouse at the conclusion of the first trial believing that Chantry was truthful or innocent. Any money spent on Chantry’s case after that was, in my opinion, foolhardy.

Then, at the sentencing, Huber told Judge Astrowsky “whatever he (Chantry) did in the past, he isn’t the same.” Implying, I surmise, that Chantry has been a model citizen since he fled Miller Valley Baptist Church. Well, we know that isn’t true. His love of spanking young boys continued as a teacher of fifth and sixth graders at Christian Liberty Academy in the Chicago area.  Chantry seems to have worked his way into becoming the designated spanker at the school, spanking a five-year-old child so hard that he still had markings two days later. A police report was filed, but the parents did not want to press charges, they merely removed their child from the school, allowing Tom to continue paddling boys. I don’t believe the children at Miller Valley Baptist Church were the first children Chantry molested, nor do I believe they were the last.  I recently read this question and answer at a website dealing with pedophiles:

Do sex offenders stop abusing children as they age?

“While most other criminals decrease their criminal activity as they age, sex offenders typically do not. Most sex offenders continue to offend until they are physically incapable. Successful completion of sex offender treatment can interrupt this behavior; however, extreme caution around children is still necessary.”

So when Huber stated, “whatever he did in the past, he isn’t the same,” what time frame is Huber referring to? We know that after Chantry was convicted on four counts of sexual molestation of a child in May 2019, he stated the prosecutor should be hung and the judge sentenced to life in prison. Is this what Huber regards as evidence of a changed man?

It is my belief that Al Huber has seen abundant evidence of the true character of Tom Chantry, yet he doesn’t want to admit that. To my knowledge, Huber has never once mentioned the plight of the children Chantry victimized, nor has he publicly prayed for them. Yet here we have an audio recording of  Huber praying at Chantry’s former church (now defunct) while Tom was in jail in Arizona, for the Lord to “comfort Tom,” adding, “may he lay his head down at night and sleep peacefully.”


Below is an interesting summary of some of the effects suffered by those who have been sexually abused by monsters such as Tom Chantry. Notice in paragraph two and three that one of the effects is sleep disturbances and insomnia. Yet Reverend Al prays for Tommy to sleep peacefully in jail!

Those Tom abused? Well, let’s remember that ARBCA pastor Don Lindblad told us that the official view of ARBCA is Tom is innocent of the charges. Reverend Al must still subscribe to that view.

Apparently, Al Huber will continue to pay for Chantry’s upcoming third trial, but not for the appeal of his six convictions. Logically I don’t comprehend how Chantry can get the State (That’s my tax dollars aiding a pedophile!) to provide an attorney for his appeal while Reverend Al continues to foot the bill for the third trial, but I was told this is allowable.  So be it. I hope Reverend Al flushes every last penny down the Chantry toilet.

But then we have this court document, which, to my non-legal mind, appears to show Team Chantry wants to avoid another trial. I am unsure of what their strategy is to resolve the matter, but I would be shocked if Chantry will plead guilty to anything – he has his reputation to protect, after all!

The next court document was filed by Blaine D. Gadow. He is the Prosecutor for Chantry trial number three. Gadow is making an argument in hopes of being able to include evidence in the trial which he believes meets the requirements of Rule 404.

His brief was based largely on a document submitted by Prosecutor Susan Eazer on September 11, 2018. That document will be found below Gadow’s document.

Please be advised that both these documents describe in explicit detail what Tom Chantry has done/allegedly done to his victims. If you are offended by this type of material please just scroll past these documents. I have posted them to demonstrate to those who continue to support Chantry just what sort of a sick individual they are supporting.

State of AZ vs. Thomas Chan… by Todd Wilhelm on Scribd


Motion to Hold Chantry With… by Todd Wilhelm on Scribd

Finally, I have included several examples of Tom Chantry’s ramblings which show the level of his hypocrisy.  I would guess many of my readers have not seen these. You will be appalled.


Below is a quote, rich in irony, from the convicted pedophile, Thomas J. Chantry:

Here is a dialogue from the Boy Scout leader and now convicted pedophile, Thomas J. Chantry; and let’s remember, Chantry had sexually molested and assaulted numerous children at the time he wrote these words:


Here is a rich commentary from former ARBCA Golden Boy, Tom Chantry. I included Todd Pruitt’s comment because I tire of his ongoing negative comments about bloggers such as I.  While bloggers are the bad people in Pruitt’s mind, he previously endorsed Tom Chantry’s writings. But, to be fair, he is not the only man in the pastorate lacking in discernment.

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