Influential Baptist Leaders Growing Tired of Mohler and Moore

By | November 11, 2016

SBTS President Albert Mohler and ERLC President Russell Moore

“Like all voters, American Christians will enter the voting booth and, we hope, vote as led by their consciences. But leaders are held to a much higher standard, and continued public arguments that offer cover for Donald Trump are now not only implausible but excruciating.”

So said Albert Moher in an October 9, 2016 article he wrote for the Washington Times titled “Donald Trump has created an Excruciating moment for evangelicals.”

Seemingly forgotten by the hypocritical Mohler is the ongoing excruciating years that he has created for evangelicals by his ongoing cover for C.J. Mahaney. You may recall that C.J. Mahaney is the disgraced former leader of the Sovereign Grace Churches denomination. Mahaney is credibly charged with blackmail, covering up numerous sexual abuse cases of children in his denomination, and approving a plan to creat a “hush fund” to silence a Sovereign Grace pastor whose son was sexually abused.

Mahaney also purchased Mohler’s loyalty by donating in excess of $200,000 to Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.   $200,000 apparently buys one a lot of cover!

So while Mohler has no problem excoriating evangelical pastors  planning to vote for Donald Trump, he had no problem sharing the T4G conference platform with his best friend C.J. Mahaney. He even introduced Mahaney prior to his speech at the conference, making light of the many negative stories which can be found on Mahaney on the internet, while at the same time implying that information on the internet is not to be trusted.

“At any given moment there is an orthodoxy, a body of ideas which it is assumed that all right-thinking people will accept without question.”
― George Orwell, Animal Farm

“Donald J. Trump stands astride the polls in the Republican presidential race, beating all comers in virtually every demographic of the primary electorate. Most illogical is his support from evangelicals and other social conservatives. To back Mr. Trump, these voters must repudiate everything they believe.”
-Russell Moore, “Have Evangelicals Who Support Trump Lost Their Values?” The New York Times, 9/17/2015

“Hall penned an editorial last week raising questions about whether Moore really speaks for Southern Baptists. He argues that Moore has snubbed his fellow Southern Baptists and taken “troubling” stances on a number of key issues. And, according to Hall, Moore expresses “disrespect and even contempt for any Christian” who disagrees with him.”
-Jonathan Merritt, “Does Russell Moore Really Represent Southern Baptists?” Religion News Service, 2/3/2016

In the video below Albert Mohler and Russell Moore tell their fellow Baptist leaders that as a Christian they cannot vote for Donald Trump.


Below is a clip from an article Russell Moore, President of the ERLC, wrote in The Washington Post. The complete article may be viewed here.  I have recently written an article about the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) which highlights their progressive politics, including an NGO membership in the United Nations.

A couple of comments on the article below. I don’t believe one can utter phrases unintentionally and subconsciously.  While it may make for a nice segue into his story, I would suggest Moore quit describing himself as an evangelical because he is embarrassed to be identified as one.  It’s good to know that once he caught himself talking this way he quickly discovered the reason why he did so. The article then goes on to describe why he hates the word “evangelical.

Moore concludes that he is hopeful for the future of evangelicalism because of the young men in seminaries and planting churches and because of all of this same crowd flocking to conferences. He doesn’t mention the T4G conference, which I discussed above, but he does mention the TGC conference.  It should be stated that The Gospel Coalition also came out with a strong statement of support for C.J. Mahaney. This statement of support has never been rescinded even though Mahaney has been forced to resign from leadership of TGC.

As for the young seminary graduates, I have heard of many stories where these young 9Marx Neo Calvinists have either started new churches or went into existing churches and totally destroyed them. Mark Dever and Jonathan Leeman have admitted problems with the youngsters in a video they made.



Here’s a differing opinion from Tim Wildmon, President of American Family Association. This was a segment of the Janet Mefferd show from 11-10-2016.

(Editor’s note: I have a different opinion of Richard Land than that of Tim Wildmon. You may view my post titled “Why Does ERLC President Russell Moore Honor Racist Plagiarizer Richard Land?” here.)




It appears that influential Baptist lay leaders are starting to tire of Mohler and Moore’s act.  Jack L. Richardson IV is a Louisville attorney and former Chair of the Louisville/Jefferson County Republican Party, and a member of the Kentucky Republican Party Executive Committee. He is a former student at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, former member of the Foundation Board at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and currently an associate of the foundation. He has written an interesting article titled “Never Trump stance wrong for religious leaders.”

Richardson said in part that:

“Nothing sparks controversy and division faster than religion and politics and rightfully so because an error in either has profound consequences. This presidential election is an existential choice between freedom and a generation of ingrained and institutionalized corruption. There will be no redo in four years if we choose wrongly.

Consequently, the opinions of those that influence the ignorant masses matter, which brings me to the significance of recent statements made by R. Albert Mohler Jr., President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and Russell Moore, president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, who recently weighed in on the presidential election. On CNN and in an article in the Lexington Herald-Leader, Mohler was warning people within the faith community to keep their distance from Donald Trump. Elsewhere they have said they would not vote for him.

I have been a member of the Foundation Board of Southern Seminary for years and am currently an associate of the foundation, a seminary student and have donated thousands as well as given annual grants to professors. I and others on the board could not disagree more with Mohler’s position on Trump. Moreover, many professors disagree as well, but can’t speak out.

Mohler’s house is divided.

Not all opinions are equal. Some are informed, many are not.  Mohler’s and Moore’s “Never Trump” position I find borne of false piety and self-righteousness. In this election, the premise is not based upon the greater righteousness or sinlessness of one candidate over another. The correct premise is comparing the policies of each candidate and how that will impact the nation.”

So professors at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary are not free to speak their minds? One would think that in order to maintain an air of respectability an institute of higher learning must encourage academic freedom for the professors. Apparently not.  This should call into question the quality of the Masters and Doctorate programs at SBTS.  It should also cause those considering pursuing further education at SBTS to reconsider. It would be to a students benefit to seriously consider higher caliber institutions.

Richardson continues:

“We all know his sins. As scripture says, any man who says he is without sin is a liar. 1 John 1:8.  At least we know Trump’s sins.

We don’t know the sins of the “Never Trump” crowd, do we? Do we know the sins of those who teach and preach in our religious institutions and seminaries?

I’m sure if some of the content of the discussions in closed-door meetings of Moore and Mohler while others were present were disclosed, the hypocrisy of their stand on Trump would be humiliating and humbling. Perhaps that is what is needed.

The big question I have is how many of the donors and those on the Seminary’s Foundation Board are aware of the political positions Mohler and Moore have taken.  How many throughout Baptist congregations would continue to support the institutions they lead?”

I agree with Mr. Richardson.  Greater transparency is exactly what is needed.  A mini Wikileaks could provide  excellent insight into the corruption among the high-level salaried employees of the SBC.  I would love to know the reason Mohler continues to offer cover to C.J. Mahaney. SBC members who contribute their hard-earned dollars deserve to know why Russell Moore honors Richard Land and why ERLC is an NGO member of the globalist United Nations.

Richardson again nails it when he states:

“It’s not so surprising that Russell Moore is a “Never Trumper,” as he was always fond of reminding me that he was a Democrat. Of course he could never reconcile how his support for the positions of his party was at such odds with his Christian faith yet he continued supporting what is abjectly opposed to what donors who support his institution pay him to do.”

These elitist leaders think they know better than anyone else. I believe their attitude towards the average SBC member is not unlike Hillary Clinton’s attitude towards Trump backers – deplorables.

I urge you to click the link above and read the complete article. It is a scathing rebuke of Mohler and Moore; well deserved in my opinion.

Jack L. Richardson IV, I tip my hat to you. I applaud your courage to speak out boldly. Knowing that there are men like you holding Mohler’s and Moore’s feet to the fire gives me hope that the SBC ship, though listing heavily to port, may yet be righted.

“Four young porkers in the front row uttered shrill squeals of disapproval, and all four of them sprang to their feet and began speaking at once. But suddenly the dogs sitting round Napoleon let out deep, menacing growls, and the pigs fell silent and sat down again. Then the sheep broke out into a tremendous bleating of “Four legs good, two legs bad!” which went on for nearly a quarter of an hour and put an end to any chance of discussion.”
-George Orwell, “Animal Farm”




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