Driscoll Attempts To Rewrite History of Mars Hill

By | April 8, 2017

“When he encountered really successful churches, his devotion to the business became a definite longing to return to preaching: he ached to step up, push the minister out of his pulpit, and take charge, instead of sitting back there unnoticed and unadmired, as though he were an ordinary layman.

“These chumps would be astonished if they knew what I am!” he reflected. 

After such an experience it was vexatious on Monday morning to talk with a droning implement-dealer about discounts on manure-spreaders; it was sickening to wait for train-time in a cuspidor-filled hotel lobby when he might have been in a church office superior with books, giving orders to pretty secretaries and being expansive and helpful to consulting sinners.”
-Elmer Gantry by Sinclair Lewis


Mark Driscoll recently appeared on a television program called  “Life Today.” During the interview Driscoll, being the smooth manipulator that he is, attempts to rewrite the history of Mars Hill church wherein he would have us believe he is a victim, not the cause for the demise of Mars Hill.  The entire interview can be seen on Driscoll’s website, but I refuse to direct any web traffic to the narcissistic tyrant’s website.  Instead, I suggest you read about the interview at The Wartburg Watch.  If you go to the link above you will also read many facts about Driscoll which he conveniently forgot to mention.

(Editor’s note: A sharp reader just left a comment informing me that the Driscoll interview can be seen at “Life Today’s” website, thereby sparing one from supporting Driscoll’s website. Here is the link.  Thanks to Kathi!)

There is an enormous amount of truthful information on Mark Driscoll available to those wishing to do even a cursory search.  (None of it flattering to Driscoll.) I have written a few articles which you can find at the following links:

Mark Driscoll Set To Launch His Cult in Scottsdale, AZ

Do You Really Want Mark Driscoll To Be Your Leader?

Additionally, a reader of The Wartburg Watch left the comment below which pointed to two outstanding interviews with former members of Driscoll’s debacle in Seattle.  The little tyrant has thrown hundreds of people under the Mars Hill bus, people who are slowly recovering from the damaging experience.  I have linked directly to the interviews and would encourage all to listen to them.  If you stumbled across this site while conducting research to see whether you think Driscoll’s gathering in Scottdale is someplace you would want to attend I would urge you not to do so.

Mars Hill Church Speaks – an interview with former member Jen Smidt may be heard here.


Mars Hill Church Speaks – an interview with former member Tricia Wilkerson may be heard here. 


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