Judge Rejects Plea Bargain in Former Pastor Jake Malone’s Rape Case

By | April 7, 2017

Michaelle Bond, Staff Writer for phillynews.com, has reported that former pastor Jake Malone attempted to plead guilty on March 29, 2017 to sexually assaulting and impregnating a teen who lived with his family. However, Judge Jacqueline Cody rejected the plea deal, calling the circumstances “way too serious.” The plea deal would have resulted in a two year prison sentence.

You can read Michaella Bond’s story in its entirety here.

You may recall that Thou Art The Man covered this story on January 31, 2016 in an article titled “Another Day, Another Protestant Preacher Abusing Children.” At that time Jake Malone was forced to resign from his pastoral job at Calvary Fellowship when it became known to church leadership that Malone had impregnated a young woman who had been living with them since she was 12 years old. Malone attempted to pass his resignation off as a “self-imposed sabbatical” to refocus on the calling God had given him, which was his family. He stated that he was “really excited about what God is going to do in us and in our lives and in our family as we focus 100% of our time on that calling that He has given us.”  Since the video Malone fled to Ecuador for a few weeks, and then returned to the USA where he was met by Law Enforcement and arrested. Since then Malone has spent 100% of his time behind bars.


In her article, Michaella Bond stated that:

“The teen, who met Malone at age 12 when he was her youth pastor in Arizona, did not have a father in her life, and Malone invited her to stay with him and his wife in their home in West Whiteland Township. She helped look after Malone’s three children…

Sexual contact, which also included touching and kissing, occurred almost daily during the teen’s senior year in high school.”

In March, 2016 the young woman gave birth to Malone’s daughter.  She was present at the hearing on March 29th and read a statement in which she said wanted more than a two-year sentence for Malone.

It sounds as if Malone admitted his guilt in the hearing, which leads me to assume that if the case proceeds without a plea bargain he wlll plead gulity. Again, from Bond’s article:

“On Wednesday, Malone, wearing shackles, bowed and shook his head while the woman read her statement before he addressed the courtroom. He did not say he forced himself on her, but he said he had made “mistakes” and should be held responsible for the sexual contact.

“I want to just express my sorrow and my regret over the things I’ve done,” he said. “She admired me, she looked up to me, and I betrayed that trust. … I betrayed the trust of thousands of people who put their faith in me as a member of the faith community across the country.””

My thanks to Judge Jacqueline Cody for not accepting this plea bargain. Malone committed a heinous crime in which he abused his positon and betrayed the trust of a young woman. Two years in prison is not much more than a slap on the wrist.

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Disgusting rapist!




I’ve only recently come to terms with what Jake did as I was someone who did know him and his family personally. Several years ago, there was a period of about a year or so where I spent up to three days a week with them. They were my closest friends at the time and I love them dearly. I remember having many emotionally intimate (not in a bad way) conversations with him about faith. He helped me discover my love for playing worship. And I especially remember the night that both he and his wife fervently prayed for me in the middle of the night while I was going through a severe, spiritually charged panic attack.

I’d lost touch with them over the years especially with all the moving, but when I found out about the rape charges, I was so devastated I couldn’t even go to work because I couldn’t stop crying. It didn’t seem real. When it did start to sink in, I questioned whether or not Jake was ever genuine at all.

I think he was. Eventually, I realized that despite the terrible crime he’s committed and the pain he wreaked on his family, the girl, and his entire faith community, that doesn’t negate or change what God did and what He is doing. God is bigger than that, and He can and does use even the most sinful of people for good.

I’m grateful for law and order. I’m glad justice is being served and agree that two years doesn’t seem nearly enough for reparations. But in processing through all of this, I found myself humbled. For I realized that before I came back to Christ, when I was stuck deep in my own sin and rejection of God that God would’ve seen me as no less filthy than Jake. It is there that I found the means to forgive him and love him. And if he has truly repented and turned to Christ or does so in the future, I know that God will joyfully take him back just as quick as He was to rescue me. So I pray for this change of heart if it has not already happened, or if it has, I pray that the Holy Spirit continues to guide him and convict him and give him the strength he needs to make amends. I also pray for healing, especially for the girl he wronged and the wife and kids he betrayed. I pray that they do not lose sight of our wonderful Heavenly Father, how graciously He provides even in the midst of our suffering, and that He gives them the peace and the comfort they seek.

And as for me, I think I finally have the courage to reach out to his wife and rekindle the friendship. We were a lot alike in our personalities, and I miss her companionship. I just ask that you please don’t judge her for what she did or did not seem to do, or immediately jump to the worst conclusions about whether she knew it or not. I know her to be a pretty reserved person unlike Jake, and I can’t imagine how much weight has been on her shoulders even without the thought of facing thousands of people and having to field very painful and personal questions. Even when we don’t deserve it, God shows us mercy, and while we can’t ignore the gravity of cases like these, we should still do what we can to extend that mercy to others.


What do you all. think of this.

“In January 2016, police in West Whiteland Township asked for help locating Malone, who they believed fled to avoid arrest. When he returned to the United States from Ecuador, U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers arrested him on Jan. 18, 2016, at Newark Liberty International Airport.”


Whenever you see explanations like this
“Malone attempted to pass his resignation off as a “self-imposed sabbatical” to refocus on the calling God had given him, which was his family. He stated that he was “really excited about what God is going to do in us and in our lives and in our family as we focus 100% of our time on that calling that He has given us.”

you can be sure something really and happened.

Did the church let him do that video?


He is so full of it that I can barely stand it. He is a pervert who likes young teen girls. I hope his wife dumps him quickly.

Laura LaHaug

That video is difficult for me to watch. I wonder what, if anything, his wife knew at the time. I have to believe she didn’t know anything at the time or she would not have appeared so supportive of her husband. At least I hope that’s the case. Sickening.