Solid Proof That PJ Smyth Has Known For Many Years That John Smyth Was Violently Abusing Boys Left in His Care

By | March 3, 2017

Hello Readers:

The following article provides concrete proof, by referencing a report created by a world-famous human rights lawyer and other credible sources, that for many years, Pastor PJ Smyth of Covenant Life Church has known that his father was violently abusing boys left in his care.

Please read it.

Thank you. Janna L. Chan (blog team member)


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CLC is soooo guilty of covering up of sexual abuse they deserve this guy if they don’t have the common sense to question his remarks. It kind of reminds me of when the Israelites made Saul King. They so desperately wanted someone to take over and tell them what to do. CLC wants someone to do the same. Someone to take over, fill the seats and the bank accounts. God will not be mocked!


I thank you for your reply. I am sorry you do not respect me. Perhaps a better understanding of my perspective would change the disrespect to perhaps disagreement.

According to all reports, John Smyth acted alone. He chose to commit brutal crimes of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse. I hope he spends years in jail for it. I for one do not want PJ to suffer in any way for the crimes of his father. I do not want him to leave CLC, go back to Joburg, or lose all of his money and possesions in a lawsuit.

Why? I will tell you.
There is no evidence of any kind from any of the victims that PJ participated in any of these crimes. No one is saying that he did. His father acted alone, according to all I have read.

His father may have told him repeatedly that all of the reports are rubbish – that they are lies. Who knows, his father may have even threatened him in some way.

Out of understanding and compassion for PJ, it is reasonable for me to accept the possibility that no matter what he heard, read, was told, or saw, he could have found himself unable to believe that his own father would do what is claimed he did. With his father denying everything, his judgement could easily have been impaired. I think this is reasonable.

Perhaps he did consider doing something . But what? Report his own father to the police? What if he felt threatened/intimidated by his father and thought he would be in danger if he did so?

Out of compassion for PJ, it is reasonable for me to consider PJ an innocent bystander. Out of compassion for the victims, I pray for justice to be served by way of a long jail sentence for John Smyth.

There is a long list of responsible adults who were aware of all or part of what John Smyth did who should have done far more than hold meetings.

All of my comments on this blog focused only on the topic of JS and PJ.

Thank you for your willingness to dialog.


I have a question – and I am totally serious and out respect for you, Janna:

You say that Brent’s latest post regarding PJ Smyth is “solid, concrete proof”, than how would you describe the proof you present here on this blog regarding PJ?