Victim of John Smyth Continues His Fight For Justice; Addresses Archbishop Welby

By | August 29, 2018

Andy Morse is a survivor of brutal abuse administerd by John Smyth. Smyth recently died, but Morse continues his brave fight to bring justice to those who covered-up the abuse. Please watch this video to the end. It is very powerful.






To view the whole story of the screen shot below go to this link.

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Bev Sterk

I am so sorry Andy that you have to continue to fight for justice and truth and the response by the church leadership continues to be appalling and grievous, besides being outright wrong and harmful in so many ways.

When the leadership ignores victims and refuse to engage with those harmed, they are devaluing and not honoring our humanity, that we are all fearfully and wonderfully made in His image, each of us a complex, precious and priceless person… The leadership response to abuse is the exact opposite of scripture and God’s call for how we are to treat people… (let alone the abuse that happened in the first place)…

bless your heart Andy and everyone else that was deeply wounded in so many ways through this atrocious abuse. know that you are doing what’s right and know that there are people in the organic church that are fighting to expose the abuse of power going on in the institutional church… silence is not an option… and it never was!