Mike Gaydosh and Thomas Chantry: Two Beacons of Virtue in the ARBCA

By | August 28, 2018

Please note the document below filed by Thomas J. Chantry’s attorney, John Sears on June 27, 2018. This document is a list of individuals the Defendant planned to call as witnesses in his trial.  On the top of page two you will see Mike Gaydosh is listed as one of the witnesses. Mike Gaydosh was never called, but the fact that Chantry was considering using him is very telling. Why? The man is a very sketchy character with close ties to the inner circle of ARBCA leaders.





“Michael Gaydosh Removed from Position as Senior Pastor of Grace Reformed Baptist Church of Merrick, NY

Michael Gaydosh, John Herringer and Scott Syracuse all members of the Board of Directors of Calvary Press and Elders of Grace Reformed Baptist Church of Merrick, New York, the corporate owner of Calvary Press were each successively exposed as unfit to remain in each of their respective church positions and subsequently removed from their offices over the few years following Michael Rotolo’s departure in July 1998. To this day none are employed in full-time pastoral ministry.

Most grievously, Mike Gaydosh was made to resign his position as Senior Pastor/Elder due to a serious moral failure by which he revealed himself to be biblically and morally unfit for service as a pastor. His sin of carrying on an illicit relationship with a young girl on his daughter’s basketball team, while in the position as coach of the team, is of the nature that would prohibit his future resuming of an elder/Pastor office in countless church denominations, regardless of any ostensible repentance.

Bearing that in mind, it has come to my attention that he has been or is currently seeking to resume an office of ministry at his local church.”
Source: Rotolo Media

Of interest in the paragraph below is the mention of backroom deals with Tedd Tripp. You may recall that Tripp was one of the three men on the ARBCA Informal Investigation of Thomas Chantry in 2000!
“Michael Rotolo is still working on a book that will detail the full story of the fall of the ministry of Calvary Press.  It will detail the corrupt management of Michael Gaydosh, including his financial misconduct and backroom deals with well known Christian book authors such as Tedd Tripp of Shepherd Press.
It will include the full text of the The Findings of Arbitration between Michael Rotolo and Calvary Press/Grace Gospel Church of Merrick, NY in which the arbitrator found in full support of Michael Rotolo and detailed myriad points of managerial misconduct on the part of Michael Gaydosh, John Herringer, and Scott Syracuse and which binding arbitration ordered a large financial restitution to be paid to Mr. Rotolo for damages he suffered at their hands.
A chapter will be dedicated to the corruption within ARBCA, the Association of Reformed Baptist Churches, under the leadership of Earl M. Blackburn, Pastor of Trinity Reformed Baptist Church in La Mirada, CA, [Editor’s note: Blackburn is currently pastor of Heritage Baptist Church in Shreveport, LA.]who sought in the same way that Catholic Bishops often conspire to cover up the malfeasance of Priests, to cover-up the misdeeds of Michael Gaydosh and spare him from an inquiry within the ARBCA organization. An association of Reformed Baptist Churches, whose charter ironically stated that one of its chief reasons for existing was to mediate/arbitrate matters within or between churches or members of churches in cases where reconciliation had failed to be reached at the local level.
This matter between Michael Rotolo and Calvary Press was the first case to be presented to ARBCA for intervention and the chief players within the organization, among them most culpable, Earl M. Blackburn, used their positions at ARBCA to  literally squash the investigation that had begun by ARBCA once they determined that Michael Gaydosh, who had politicked tirelessly for the formation of the association, had in fact acted improperly with respect to Calvary Press and the fabrication of charges against Michael Rotolo in an attempt to silence his efforts at bringing Gaydosh’s unethical deeds to light.”
Source: Rotolo Media
Another interesting connection between Thomas Chantry and Mike Gaydosh is Pastor Richard Jensen. In a video produced by Jensen’s church, Hope Reformed Baptist on the occasion of their 20 year anniversary, Jensen featured former pastor Mike Gaydosh at length on the video. You may recall that Richard Jensen was one of the three men on the ARBCA Informal Investigation of Thomas Chantry in 2000! You can watch the video here.

Of note, ARBCA continues their close ties with Michael Gaydosh and Solid Ground Christian Books. The screenshot below was taken from the ARBCA.com website.

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Barry Noack

I am so heartbroken to learn of all of this, especially the charges leveled against Mike Gaydosh. I attended a church in Birmingham Alabama wherein he was an elder and still recall men’s bible studies where we walked through “Mortification of Sin”. I’m in total shock at what I’ve learned this evening. Can anyone verify the truth of the claims?


Barry, as one who was deeply disillusioned by a pastor I trusted and served under for over a decade, I have real compassion for your grief. I would also like to point out that one of the greatest obstacles to overcome in dealing with spiritual abuse is that abusers are very clever and work very diligently to deceive. We must not allow ourselves to stop at ‘But I know that man’ or ‘He spoke so eloquently’. Both are often true, as narcissist manipulators must both with the trust and respect of followers in order to accomplish their goals. But the initial shock of being deceived is both painful and disturbing. What we should strive for is to allow our unfortunate experiences to make us wiser and more discerning in the future. Not all that glitters is gold.


This is the Mike Gaydosh who owns Solid Ground Christian Books and who published “Holding Communion Together,” which was written by Tom Chantry & David Dykstra, with the finger prints of daddy Walter Chantry all over it. In spite of the pleas of a number of God’s people who were concerned for what this book could do to the Cause of Christ in our generation, in an effort to validate the existence of their unbiblical, parachurch orginazition, ARBCA and especially to do personal and ministerial damage to several men they hate for disagreeing with them about associations, these men pressed forward under the guise of writing this book to protect the sheep of Christ.
I know of no other group of men who have less credibility in addressing the issue of sheep abuse than do these men. They have been instruments in the hands of the evil one to bring reproach upon the Name of Christ and His Church. I call upon them to repent of their wickedness and to bring forth fruit worthy of repentance and to flee to Christ for forgiveness, because what the courts of our land can do is nothing compared to the wrath of our Holy God.

Mr. Jesperson

Thanks Todd for continuing to dig into ARBCA’s past. I suspect, as you have stated, that we have only found the tip of the iceberg so far. As Jesus said, we are all called to be fruit inspectors. Good trees (ministries) produce good fruit and bad trees (ministries) bad fruit. Any ministry caught covering anything up is only doing so because they need to hide their status as a bad tree. Jesus does not lie. We really need to stop judging ministries by how much we like what they have to say. Doing that is technically disobedience to Jesus clear teaching. We need to practice looking past the white-wash and take a good hard look at the interior.


And the trail of corruption never ends but goes deeper and deeper. One could write a seedy novel from this stuff.


I suspect that there is so much yet to be uncovered. I cannot brush off the ‘coincidence’ of Tedd Tripp, essentially the father of preaching spanking to the parents in my era, being affiliated with ARBCA and being part of the panel investigating this pastor for excessive, abusive spanking. There is something very, very strange there.

Headless Unicorn Guy

As in “The Fix Is In”?

Consider also that Tedd Tripp’s book “Shepherding a Child’s Heart” was cited in this North Carolina case with some similarities to Chantry’s.



From the letter above: “An association of Reformed Baptist Churches, whose charter ironically stated that one of its chief reasons for existing was to mediate/arbitrate matters within or between churches or members of churches in cases where reconciliation had failed to be reached at the local level.”

Interesting, as the second document from the 2000 meeting with the 3 man informal committee appears to be the result of mediation. Was the goal of the three man team to mediate between Tom Chantry and MVBC?