Missionary Rejects ARBCA Money; Plus Confidential and Sanitized ARBCA Reports from 2000 Investigation

By | August 25, 2018


Below are the 2000 ARBCA Informal Committee Reports (The committee consisted of Mike McKnight – Chairman, Tedd Tripp and Richard Jensen.)  The first report is the confidential report, given to only seven men. These seven men were:

Mike McKnight
Tedd Tripp
Richard Jensen
Bob Selph – ARBCA Coordinator
Tom Lyon – Pastor of Providence Reformed Baptist Church – Lyon was to provide oversight in the rehabilitation of Thomas Chantry.
Walter Chantry – Father of now convicted felon Thomas Chantry.  Walter managed to somehow insert himself into this case.
Tom Chantry –  The now convicted felon

At some later date Tom Chantry’s good friend and “advocate,”  Don Lindblad, was also given a copy of the report.

The Confidential/Sealed report is signed only by the 3 men on the ARBCA Informal Council. Very few people even knew of the existence of this report until Don Lindblad stumbled and mentioned it while being deposed by Prosecuting Attorney Susan Eazer.


ARBCA 2000 Confidential/Sea… by on Scribd

Below is the second Report published by the ARBCA 2000 Informal Council. This report received wider dissemination and was in fact the only report that most people were aware of.

ARBCA 2000 Informal Council… by on Scribd


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