Missionary Rejects ARBCA Money; Plus Confidential and Sanitized ARBCA Reports from 2000 Investigation

By | August 25, 2018


Below are the 2000 ARBCA Informal Committee Reports (The committee consisted of Mike McKnight – Chairman, Tedd Tripp and Richard Jensen.)  The first report is the confidential report, given to only seven men. These seven men were:

Mike McKnight
Tedd Tripp
Richard Jensen
Bob Selph – ARBCA Coordinator
Tom Lyon – Pastor of Providence Reformed Baptist Church – Lyon was to provide oversight in the rehabilitation of Thomas Chantry.
Walter Chantry – Father of now convicted felon Thomas Chantry.  Walter managed to somehow insert himself into this case.
Tom Chantry –  The now convicted felon

At some later date Tom Chantry’s good friend and “advocate,”  Don Lindblad, was also given a copy of the report.

The Confidential/Sealed report is signed only by the 3 men on the ARBCA Informal Council. Very few people even knew of the existence of this report until Don Lindblad stumbled and mentioned it while being deposed by Prosecuting Attorney Susan Eazer.


ARBCA 2000 Confidential/Sea… by on Scribd

Below is the second Report published by the ARBCA 2000 Informal Council. This report received wider dissemination and was in fact the only report that most people were aware of.

ARBCA 2000 Informal Council… by on Scribd


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Anyone know why the ARBCA School of World Missions was canceled for this year? It was to be held at Grace Covenant in Mesa AZ Oct 22-23.

I want to say thanks to Paul Gordon.

Paul, I honour you for how you patiently and diligently you have been responding to folks who have commented saying that they are members or leaders of churches that belong to ARBCA and they don’t think that ARBCA is as bad as Paul and Todd say it is.

I believe you Paul Gordon.
I believe you Todd Wilhelm.
I believe you Jeff Crippen.
I believe that the cabal of men who are driving the narrative at ARBCA are as corrupt as you say they are.

Paul Gordon

In response to Kevin,
Not sure just how much of what I have written you have seen but I have been careful to make a distinction between the member churches of ARBCA and the men who constitute the power center of this organization. I am sure your church like mine (for five years) have little experiential knowledge of just how things work. It is only when the will of these men who constitute a cabal of what they themselves consider to be “trusted” men is crossed that you are made to feel the pressure these men can bring to bear. The very fact that Lindblad on the witness stand could speak of the full report that was read by only a few and then sealed being done so as the result of angry letters from Walt should give you a little hint of just how things are done in the Association. I do not fault you or your church for your ignorance but would encourage you are in light of the facts that came out in the trial and the testimony of those who have had just awful experiences with these angry, secretive and unjust men to be ignorant no longer. Start asking questions as to why they have done the things they have done over the years and demand honest answers and then see for yourself what kind of response you get. I would wager it would be not very different from the angry, secretive and unjust responses I and others have received in the past.
My email for any who would care to continue discussions with me off-line is

Thanks Todd and his team.
Thanks Trevor Johnson
Thanks Paul Gordon.

I’ve been super busy following other stories and disclosures, which explains why I haven’t been actively commenting much on Tom Chantry / ARBCA fiasco in recent days.

Just want to say I’m still cheering you from the sidelines.

Rupert Whitebear

I don’t understand Facebook, so maybe someone can help me with the following question: did ARBCA repost/share the missionary’s original post and encourage people to pray for him and support him?


I’ve commented several times on this blog about how I attend an ARBCA church and ARBCA is nothing like you guys describe. I’m not going to repeat myself.

I don’t know Tom and what he did is despicable and I praise the Lord that he will never be a pastor again.

The Informal Council did not cover anything up. They wrote a scathing report and they did not withhold evidence from the parents. You guys put all the blame on ARBCA and nothing on the parents.

The parents should have gone to the police. It’s that simple. And everyone on here is missing that. Noone told them not to go. If they thought it was that bad, then they should have gone to the police. This is on the parents, not on 3 men who came down and did what they were supposed to do. And they did it well, if you actually read the report. They blasted Tom and gave strong recommendations.

ARBCA has no authority over churches and cannot remove pastors, etc. All they can do is help and give recommendations, which is exactly what they did.

Like I’ve said before, 99% of ABRCA members don’t know anyone involved in this case and don’t know the so-callled “leaders” of the “cult” ARBCA. I find it interesting how ARBCA can be a cult, yet, no one knows who the cult leader is.


Ole Ganny

JHenry, I have described the top elder in our former church as a ‘master manipulator’. I believe that is why so many are still there. If the elders suspect one in ‘their flock’ is discontent, they will start inviting you over or maybe give you new jobs in the church or start smiling more at you and checking on you. It’s crazy how they try to manipulate a person. My dear husband met with the elders and gave them our concerns and they knew we were planning on leaving. My husband is a quiet man and after sitting through that meeting in which the elders thought they were running our lives and convincing my dear that we should stay, my husband came home. Within a few days we left that church. The top man actually said to my husband, ‘ but I thought we had changed your mind’. We have never looked back. And we are very thankful where we are now.

Samuel Conner


A question that may be worth following up:

Over at ARBCA.org is the 2017 ARBCA General Assembly statement on TJC:


This statement affirms that TJC complied with the recommendations of the “public” report of the “informal council”, and specifically that he was counseled by a “certified biblical counselor” and at the end of the counseling process was reckoned fit to return to ministry.

A point of interest would be to know whether the information contained in the “sealed report” was disclosed to the counselor and the sister church who assessed that TJC was fit to return to ministry.

If not, that would call into question the validity of these assessments.

Colleen S

JHenry – sadly I’ve seen what you are talking about, and once you are in such a church environment, it’s hard to escape, as you are made to feel guilty if you disagree.

So how do we prevent this happening to us in the first place? And how can pastors and teachers provide a healthy environment and “inoculate” the flock from being overly trusting, and to encourage them to think Biblically themselves?


If only the investigative committee had stuck with their initial report and called the police or instructed the church to do so.

Hello, this is Trevor Johnson, the missionary mentioned in the blog post above.

Just to clarify, I did not ask my Facebook post to be reblogged. I woke up this morning to be a bit surprised that it was on the blog. I don’t mind it, however, and if it helps the cause of those pushing for awareness of this issue, then so be it. I am thankful that you would see fit to include it here.

A general Facebook post is the easiest way nowadays to communicate ministry news, needs, and announcements (more people read my Facebook than my prayer-letters, sadly). So I did not post this for the sake of attention, nor to stir up any controversy (though silence in the face of abuse is an evil and so I am very glad you are stirring up this issue). Facebook is simply the easiest means of communication in this digital age.

I am not officially ARBCA, nor is my sending church; my sending church is a very kind group of people in Missouri, the only church I’ve ever been a member of since I came out of agnosticism at age 18, and they eventually sent me to the mission field, and I hope that I honor both God and them with my work. But I do receive funds each month from several ARBCA supporters, including at least one church.

Just several hours ago I received another private message from an ARBCA supporter contending that this case was merely an issue of a pastor “spanking kids” – and so I grow more and more disappointed with a group that seems unable or unwilling to see the sins of their own. I have also already been admonished not to “slander” or “gossip” anymore, or to “besmirch” the name of the church lest I give ammo to the unbelievers.

We deal with issues of abuse here in Papua, and I am enraged about it here and trying to stop the issue of child-marriage among the tribe I work in now and I grieve for these girls here and my sleep is troubled and I feel like a failure in not succeeding at stopping this practice up until this point. There is a girl now in a distant village and I am too sick to get to and do not know the path through 10 hours of jungle to go help her. And it greatly bothers me…haunts me. To overlook the tolerance of abuse towards children in the States, therefore, would be highly hypocritical of me. We know better. How can we expect God to bless us if we turn a blind eye to injustice to the weak? Your religion is only as good as it causes you to treat the weakest in society.

Many Reformed Baptists talk and meme endlessly about the errors of Osteen, Driscoll, John Frame, and even Billy Graham, and other religious leaders (even other Christians who merely differ in tertiary doctrinal points, like impassibility). But there has been largely crickets and silence about this awful case of ill treatment of children up until this point. There seems to be more tolerance for child abuse than there is for differing views regarding how it is that God expresses or appears to express divine emotions.

Surely we can tolerate looking at our own kind critically so that we might do better in the future when it comes to gross issues of sin which harms others.

To quote someone else from a few days ago on this blog, “Subscription to confessional standards and skill in preaching are not by themselves reliable indicators of Christ-like character.”

My deepest condolences to the victims. It is heartbreaking to think that many victims of abuse lose or struggle with their faith because of the crimes committed against them. Jesus is too kind, and good, and gentle, and tender towards the broken-hearted for us to be silent or cold.

I would love to see links put up so that small churches could read sample child safety policies and how future cases can be averted such as this. Many small churches simply are unaware and this isn’t even on their radar screens.

God bless.

Roberto G

It boggles my mind how these supposed wise leaders went through the time and the effort to put this report together and no one thought to pick up a phone and call the authorities instead. They were legally obligated to do so as mandated reporters. They ignored their duty and took on another duty as mandated investigators. I hope the individuals and the association face legal consequences.


Has Trevor Christian Johnson been receiving support from an ARBCA church in the past? Just curious, as he’s not listed on the ARBCA missions page: http://www.arbca.com/rbms-foreign-missions-