Police Report Confirms What We Suspected -Tom Chantry Continued Beating Young Boys at Christian Liberty Academy

By | August 25, 2018



The two sections above are taken from the 2000 ARBCA Reports. It is clear Tom Chantry had major issues and was unfit for ministry or any type of work that placed him in close proximity to children. If you were to ask me what is the one occupation Chantry should never be involved in, I would reply a grade school teacher. Yet a mere two years removed from the disaster of sexual and physical abuse Chantry had created at Miller Valley Baptist Church, he began teaching 5th graders at Christian Liberty Academy in Arlington Heights, IL.  Tom Lyon, pictured below, was the pastor put in charge of the oversight of Tom Chantry. Chantry arguably never met the conditions he had agreed to in December, 2000, yet one year after arriving at Lyon’s church Tom Lyon had him regularly preaching from the pulpit of Providence Reformed Baptist Church. Then in 2002 Lyon bid Tom farewell as he sent him on his unrepentant way to teach grade schoolers in Chicago! What could Mr. Lyon possibly have been thinking? He had the complete knowledge of what Tom Chantry had done to children in Prescott, AZ. He saw the letters which stated Chantry severly beat children, spanked them with their pants down so he could see their butts turn red, had them sit on his lap as he rubbed their butts (and we later learned genitals) and then forced the children to hug him.  And yet, unbelievably Mr. Tom Lyon sent Chantry the wolf out to teach elementary school children.  Why Mr. Lyon? What kind of sick mind would have no qualms about doing this?

When I first began began investigating Chantry’s crimes I quickly realized the guy was a pedophile. We all know pedophiles never stop doing their evil deeds (I am using the generic “all” even though ARBCA leaders apparently had no clue.)  I wrote a letter at that time to Christian Liberty Academy, advising them of the credible charges against Tom Chantry and suggesting they write a letter to every parent of a child who had been in Chantry’s classes. I received no response. Not even an acknowledgment of having received my emai.  I found this strange as well.

Brent Detwiler also wrote an email to Christian Liberty Academy staff and, like me received no response.




Chantry testified on the witness stand that his father Walt and Phil Bennett (at the time Headmaster of the school) were good friends. He said that prior to his employment at CLA Headmaster Bennett had seen all his paperwork. (Like everything else Chantry said on the stand, I found this hard to believe.) But then when I found out the fact stated below in a comment on the Wartburg Watch, I thought maybe there was a possibility Phil Bennett did have all the facts on Chantry’s actions in Arizona and hired him anyway. Would a Headmaster be so reckless? One would like to think not, but who knows?

It looks like the Bennett family have all been ponying up to the watering trough of Christian Liberty Academy. Nepotism to this extent rarely makes good business sense and it didn’t surprise me to find out that Chantry was not the only criminal to have been on staff of CLA. At the end of this article you will find the story of a man who ripped the school off to the tune of nearly $300K!


Below is the Police Report from an incident where Tom the Terror spanked a five year-old boy so hard that he had marks two days later. Unfortunately the parents did not want to press charges and I have no doubts that Tom the Terror abused more young boys between the years 2004-2016 because, as I said, pedophiles never stop being pedophiles.

2004 Police Report of Thomas Chantry spanking incident at Christian Liberty Academy by Todd Wilhelm on Scribd


It seems Thomas Chantry is not the only criminal who was employed by Christian Liberty Academy! You can read the story here.



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Paul Gordon, Thankyou for your explanation of why these men bow to Walt Chantry. Good heavens, if we had known 15 yrs ago what we know now about ARBCA and the pastors that run it, we never would have joined one of those churches. 15 years in a joyless, passionless church run by an unaccountable pastor and deacons. So glad God woke us and ran us out of there. It wasn’t fun being lied to, and bullied by our church leadership when our son and us reported our own abuse situation to them, to I can say it was what made us run and now we see God’s gracious hand of blessing on our family as a result.

We don’t always understand why God puts us through hard times, often it’s to get us to move to a place where He can bless us spiritually in abundance.

Dee Parsons


I wish I knew who Jerome is! He often steps into the comment section at TWW with tidbits that prove to be true. Thank you for this informative post. As I said on twitter “Tom Chantry’s trials are not over yet. Pun intended.”

Headless Unicorn Guy

Looks like John “Jack the Whipper” Smyth passed on his torch (and beating implements).

TX Home

Thank you for posting sealed report! We’ve been asking for it for years! How did you get it?

Van Helsing

When the ARBCA damage control team led by Linblad came to Christ Reformed Baptist Church to address the Chantry cover-up they BALD-FACE LIED about the supposed findings in their investigative report to the church filled with about 75-100 people. The Sunday night meeting lasted four hours. I was the first person to ask a question and I asked, “Was sexual molestation involved” and Linblad specifically said, “NO.” Then, the poor liar/spin-meister that he is, Linblad said that Liddle Tommy willingly, completely and satisfactorily complied with all of the stipulations by the investigative committee contained in the report. Another LIE! Why would a narcissist like Liddle Tommy ever comply since the only thing he sincerely believes is that he did nothing wrong and that HE was the VICTIM? The sad thing was that I believed this motly crue since I so much wanted to believe that Liddle Tommy was “not guilty” not really innocent but “not guilty.” At least, in my own mind and based upon my previous experiences in exposing pedophiles, I left open a 10% window of doubt about his innocence.

Samuel Conner

The quoted sections of the report of the “informal council” look responsible. It’s a shame the authors cooperated with the suppression of this information and its concealment from the civil authorities.

I fear that historic christian anthopology and soteriology have a difficult time with paraphilias. “Surely,” we reason, “God can change the hardest heart.” Yet in practice it appears that God doesn’t change people who have these disorders (or, if you prefer, these sin patterns). Such people can be restrained through fear of punishment, or quarantined away from potential victims, or incarcerated. It appears that they cannot be “cured.”

Conservative Reformed tend to insist on applying biblical categories, and the term “pedophilia” does not appear in Scripture; perhaps this is part of the difficulty.

Unfortunately, the only category that I am aware of in the Reformed theological lexicon that fits the descriptive evidence is “reprobate” — intentionally hardened by God in order to heap up judgment and wrath against them. One can understand that they would be reluctant to make this assessment of one of their own ordained ministers.

They really need to do a better job of assessing the character of the people they receive into their seminaries and into their pulpits. Subscription to confessional standards and skill in preaching are not by themselves reliable indicators of Christ-like character.


Good heavens, the hole just keeps getting deeper and deeper! Where does it end? My husband and I have wondered what is it that Walt Chantry has over these men that they are so willing to ruin their reputations to keep him happy? Do these men have some deep dark secret that Walt Chantry has threatened to make public about them if they don’t do his bidding? Or has he paid them all hush money? There has got to be some reason they are willing to ruin their reputations and go down in flames for this man.


I never heard of ARBCA before this tragedy and travesty. I knew of reformed baptists and wasn’t surprised that there was some sort of an association. Correct me if I’m mistaken, but is ARBCA only to bring power and glory to a few select men? Not unlike the JWs? Tom C was the prince and anointed as such from all these revelations.

And all these revelations demonstrate no fear of God.

Therefore there is no wisdom.

The victims extend way beyond Chantry beating up and molesting children. His father’s totalitarianism has wrecked faiths. I tremble for all of them who sided with a man instead of the Him.

There is no sin too great for our Savior. How so many yearn to see the truth and repentance in this world from these “princes”. Maybe one day.