Another Day, Another Protestant Preacher Abusing Children

By | January 31, 2016

Jake Malone is a Worship Leader, Youth & Young Adults Pastor who just can’t get enough of spreading the love of Jesus through music and teaching! In addition to leading worship Jake is passionate about equipping students in the gifts God has given them. He says that from music, to leadership, to evangelism “Teenagers are the church of TODAY, and not tomorrow – its time to step up and start changing this generation from the inside out!”

Jake got his start in ministry growing up in northern Minnesota. While in high school, he founded a Christian rock band that performed and lead worship for youth groups and camps across the upper Midwest region. Jake continued his passion for worship while attending Northwestern College in St. Paul, MN by leading worship for a number of chapel services each year. Jake and Libby have a child, Ian (born 2008). Jake served as an Associate Pastor of worship and youth at Ascending Praise Church in Apple Valley, MN. After prayer and consideration Jake answered the call to be the Youth Pastor at Trinity (Mesa, AZ) beginning in July, 2009. Jake added the role of Young Adults Pastor in January, 2011.”
Source – bio on Jake Malone from Trinity Church in Mesa, AZ. (From Trinity, Malone moved to River of Life Church in Elk River, MN and then to Calvary Fellowship Church in Downingtown, PA.)

Bateman said leaders at Calvary Fellowship learned of the girl’s pregnancy in November 2015, as well as another alleged inappropriate relationship Malone was having in another state.
Malone admitted to impregnating the teenager and resigned that same month, Bateman said.

This guy is a total fraud.

Malone is facing some “personal and family issues.”

2016-02-02 Malone's crimes

He decided to “take a step back” from “public, professional ministry”  and take a “self-imposed sabbatical.”

2016-02-02 Malone flees to ecuador

Malone avoids telling us the truth behind his resignation, saying instead: “I resigned my position at Calvary, and really what’s driving that is we just feel that it’s really important for us, right now, to focus 100% of our time and our energy on our family.”

” Malone joined Calvary Fellowship in the summer of 2014.

The church became aware of allegations against Malone in November 2015, according to Bateman, after they received a call from police detectives in Mesa, Arizona, where similar allegations had been made against him.
That alleged victim, who is now 20 years old, said Malone had “sexual contact” with her beginning in 2009 and continuing until 2011, Flores said.”
(Editors note: I have been made aware by an alert reader that “Flores is an AZ detective who was investigating a separate case in which charges have not been filed. If true, these would be more serious from a legal standpoint, since the alleged victim would have been 13-15 rather than 17-18 as was the known victim. In the confirmed case, it was the perp’s pastoral and father-like relationship with the victim which were of legal importance. In other words, he could still have been guilty of institutional sexual abuse had she been much older.”)
“Supervisors at the church confronted Malone with the allegations shortly after finding out about them, Bateman said.
Malone immediately resigned, Bateman added.
“Jake Malone passed every check and participated in every educational forum,” the church said in a statement.”  



Malone says, “We’re really excited about what God is going to do in us and in our lives and in our family as we focus 100% of our time on that call that he’s given us.”

I’ve got a feeling Malone’s excitement will soon be replaced by apprehension as he realizes what his future holds.  I’ve also got a feeling he will soon be focusing 100% of his time on survival.

2016-02-02 Are child molesters most hated in jail

Source –

Cut through the “Christianese” and what is pastor Malone actually saying? He is a pedophile who spent years grooming a young girl, convinced her to move in with him and his wife, sexually abused her over a period of several years, and then got her drunk and raped her, resulting in the girl becoming pregnant. Confronted by church leaders at Calvary Fellowship, he decided his best option was to resign from his pastor’s job and flee to Ecuador in a short-lived attempt to avoid prosecution.

I find it hard to believe Malone’s wife calmly sits next to the criminal and dutifully goes along with his sickening video, but I will cut her some slack.  She has probably been living with such deception and manipulation that she is not thinking clearly.  I pray for her and the young victim.

Malone was previously on staff at Trinity Church in Mesa, Arizona and River of Life Church in Elk River, Minnesota.  I have urged the staff of these churches to inform their members of Malone’s crimes.  It is a well known fact that pedophiles have many victims and are usually not caught with their first victim. (View this link for some chilling statistics.)  It is critical that others who have been abused by this “pastor” are assured that they are not alone, their church family genuinely sympathizes and loves  them, and they will do all they can to assist them, including helping them financially to obtain professional counseling.

Listen to Boz Tchividjian in this short, informative clip about sexual abusers in our midst:


“CHESTER COUNTY, Pa. –  Police in Chester County are on the lookout for a 33 year old pastor accused of raping and impregnating a teenage girl.  West Whiteland Township Police have an arrest warrant charging Rev. Jacob “Jake” Malone, of South Whiteford Road, Exton, with Rape, Institutional Sexual Assault and related offenses.”

2016-01-31 Jacob Malone arrested

“Law enforcement officials on Monday arrested the ex-pastor of an Exton church accused of the rape and sexual assault of a young girl, police said.

“According to West Whiteland Police, Jacob “Jake” Malone, 33, of the 300 block of South Whitford Road was arrested by U.S. Customs and Border protection officers when he returned to the United States from Ecuador.

According to police, the victim reported that she had met Malone at a church in Mesa, Arizona, when she was approximately 12-years-old. Malone was a pastor at the church that the victim attended. Several years later, in June of 2014, Malone contacted the 17-year-old victim and invited her to stay with him and his family in Minnesota where he had become a pastor at a local church.

While in Minnesota, police said, the victim alleged that Malone began trying to have inappropriate contact with her. In July 2014, Malone moved his family to Chester County where he was starting a new position as a pastor at a church in the county. Malone again invited the victim to live with him and his family and he even registered the victim in a local high school.”
-The Mercury News


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