Another Day, Another Protestant Preacher Abusing Children

By | January 31, 2016

Jake Malone is a Worship Leader, Youth & Young Adults Pastor who just can’t get enough of spreading the love of Jesus through music and teaching! In addition to leading worship Jake is passionate about equipping students in the gifts God has given them. He says that from music, to leadership, to evangelism “Teenagers are the church of TODAY, and not tomorrow – its time to step up and start changing this generation from the inside out!”

Jake got his start in ministry growing up in northern Minnesota. While in high school, he founded a Christian rock band that performed and lead worship for youth groups and camps across the upper Midwest region. Jake continued his passion for worship while attending Northwestern College in St. Paul, MN by leading worship for a number of chapel services each year. Jake and Libby have a child, Ian (born 2008). Jake served as an Associate Pastor of worship and youth at Ascending Praise Church in Apple Valley, MN. After prayer and consideration Jake answered the call to be the Youth Pastor at Trinity (Mesa, AZ) beginning in July, 2009. Jake added the role of Young Adults Pastor in January, 2011.”
Source – bio on Jake Malone from Trinity Church in Mesa, AZ. (From Trinity, Malone moved to River of Life Church in Elk River, MN and then to Calvary Fellowship Church in Downingtown, PA.)

Bateman said leaders at Calvary Fellowship learned of the girl’s pregnancy in November 2015, as well as another alleged inappropriate relationship Malone was having in another state.
Malone admitted to impregnating the teenager and resigned that same month, Bateman said.

This guy is a total fraud.

Malone is facing some “personal and family issues.”

2016-02-02 Malone's crimes

He decided to “take a step back” from “public, professional ministry”  and take a “self-imposed sabbatical.”

2016-02-02 Malone flees to ecuador

Malone avoids telling us the truth behind his resignation, saying instead: “I resigned my position at Calvary, and really what’s driving that is we just feel that it’s really important for us, right now, to focus 100% of our time and our energy on our family.”

” Malone joined Calvary Fellowship in the summer of 2014.

The church became aware of allegations against Malone in November 2015, according to Bateman, after they received a call from police detectives in Mesa, Arizona, where similar allegations had been made against him.
That alleged victim, who is now 20 years old, said Malone had “sexual contact” with her beginning in 2009 and continuing until 2011, Flores said.”
(Editors note: I have been made aware by an alert reader that “Flores is an AZ detective who was investigating a separate case in which charges have not been filed. If true, these would be more serious from a legal standpoint, since the alleged victim would have been 13-15 rather than 17-18 as was the known victim. In the confirmed case, it was the perp’s pastoral and father-like relationship with the victim which were of legal importance. In other words, he could still have been guilty of institutional sexual abuse had she been much older.”)
“Supervisors at the church confronted Malone with the allegations shortly after finding out about them, Bateman said.
Malone immediately resigned, Bateman added.
“Jake Malone passed every check and participated in every educational forum,” the church said in a statement.”  



Malone says, “We’re really excited about what God is going to do in us and in our lives and in our family as we focus 100% of our time on that call that he’s given us.”

I’ve got a feeling Malone’s excitement will soon be replaced by apprehension as he realizes what his future holds.  I’ve also got a feeling he will soon be focusing 100% of his time on survival.

2016-02-02 Are child molesters most hated in jail

Source –

Cut through the “Christianese” and what is pastor Malone actually saying? He is a pedophile who spent years grooming a young girl, convinced her to move in with him and his wife, sexually abused her over a period of several years, and then got her drunk and raped her, resulting in the girl becoming pregnant. Confronted by church leaders at Calvary Fellowship, he decided his best option was to resign from his pastor’s job and flee to Ecuador in a short-lived attempt to avoid prosecution.

I find it hard to believe Malone’s wife calmly sits next to the criminal and dutifully goes along with his sickening video, but I will cut her some slack.  She has probably been living with such deception and manipulation that she is not thinking clearly.  I pray for her and the young victim.

Malone was previously on staff at Trinity Church in Mesa, Arizona and River of Life Church in Elk River, Minnesota.  I have urged the staff of these churches to inform their members of Malone’s crimes.  It is a well known fact that pedophiles have many victims and are usually not caught with their first victim. (View this link for some chilling statistics.)  It is critical that others who have been abused by this “pastor” are assured that they are not alone, their church family genuinely sympathizes and loves  them, and they will do all they can to assist them, including helping them financially to obtain professional counseling.

Listen to Boz Tchividjian in this short, informative clip about sexual abusers in our midst:


“CHESTER COUNTY, Pa. –  Police in Chester County are on the lookout for a 33 year old pastor accused of raping and impregnating a teenage girl.  West Whiteland Township Police have an arrest warrant charging Rev. Jacob “Jake” Malone, of South Whiteford Road, Exton, with Rape, Institutional Sexual Assault and related offenses.”

2016-01-31 Jacob Malone arrested

“Law enforcement officials on Monday arrested the ex-pastor of an Exton church accused of the rape and sexual assault of a young girl, police said.

“According to West Whiteland Police, Jacob “Jake” Malone, 33, of the 300 block of South Whitford Road was arrested by U.S. Customs and Border protection officers when he returned to the United States from Ecuador.

According to police, the victim reported that she had met Malone at a church in Mesa, Arizona, when she was approximately 12-years-old. Malone was a pastor at the church that the victim attended. Several years later, in June of 2014, Malone contacted the 17-year-old victim and invited her to stay with him and his family in Minnesota where he had become a pastor at a local church.

While in Minnesota, police said, the victim alleged that Malone began trying to have inappropriate contact with her. In July 2014, Malone moved his family to Chester County where he was starting a new position as a pastor at a church in the county. Malone again invited the victim to live with him and his family and he even registered the victim in a local high school.”
-The Mercury News


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Anyone who defended him , how about now?? Curious if his wife stands beside him in attempted murder too.

Tea Party Pete

I have been in the church for over fifty years. I have a 13 year old son and I would never think of letting him (especially when he was younger) go anywhere with a pastor or a youth pastor, male or female. It is just not sexual issues I worry about, I worry about drugs. I worry about lifestyle.

It should be exceeding rare for a young girl (or boy) to live with someone other than a parent. And living with a pastor of any type is not a ‘good’ choice. Try a relative or a social agency or another church member. The church should not be in the business of supporting professional staff that play foot loose and fancy free with basic common sense. Too many pastors are into the hip and cool mode. They are use to power and privilege and they do not live in the ‘real’ world. They are accustoming to living as if the ‘rules’ don’t apply to them.

When pastors are not accountable and should be.

Jake sat in jail because each month or two, HE asked for a continuance:

That, and his inability to make bail. I count at least 7 times he asked for a delay. But this month, he changes to plea. So no jury, at his request. Something changed in his mind. If nothing else, the year+ served is counted towards his eventual freedom, vs more delaying the inevitable.

Thanks so much for the update, Eric. I agree with everything you’ve said. Janna L. Chan (blog team member)

Over a year of sitting in prison, unable to make bail, to finally decide to plead guilty. Paradigm shifts are hard.

DA: Ex-pastor to plead guilty in rape case


I’ve taken quite a bit of abuse over Jacob Malone, but this is the first time I’ve been accused of defending him.

I’m the creator of the page:

That’s also my YT video you linked to in your original post, that I fortunately grabbed from his channel before it was deleted.

I don’t know the man. I know maybe a handful of parishioners at CFC. I merely chose to publish information that I thought was significant, in the face of cover-up. For this I’ve endured nasty personal messages and have been blocked from CFC social media accounts.

I have no inside information. Based on the public information, of course I think he’s guilty. I don’t know how you explain away a pregnancy. And now that the baby’s born (I hope), a DNA test would confirm. I don’t think the District Attorney is sweating on this case.

My heartfelt apologies over mis-interpreting your comments, Eric. I’ll erase my prior comments.

Janna L. Chan (blog team member)

Thanks so much for the update, Eric. We had another Eric defending Malone, which is probably why I jumped to the conclusion that your comments were arguing that he was innocent.

Please don’t let my prior comments dissuade you from posting again.


Janna L. Chan (blog team member)

Note to future commenters:

Several people have now claimed that this article is one-sided but have produced no factual evidence to that affect.

Commenters are welcome to dislike the article for any reason but please, in the future, make a serious effort to present the “other side of the story” if you think the facts shown in this article are inaccurate.



While I don’t agree with Jake did… This piece and comments are very one sided.

I to personally know this family. They took me in when I was living in my car for months in the middle of winter in MN. Jake and Libby were youth pastors and worship leaders. When I was underage… They did not allow me to drink. When I was of age, but enrolled at a private Christian college where I was not allowed to drink, they did not allow me to drink. They never gave me anything and wouldn’t let me.

I’ve known this family for 10 years. I lived with them for some time while they helped me get back on my feet. Everything that I’ve ever known about them is down to earth folks. As trust in him stated above, there are 2 sides. Not Jake is free from any wrong doing… But context should always be in the mix. To also condemn his wife bc she “must” know something and you want her to be charged as well… That’s terrible. It is 100% reasonable to believe she had no idea it was happening. If anything was happening the entire time I lived with them, I never knew about it either. So are you saying I should be charged as well? Also as trust in him stated above, all sin. Sin is sin no matter the sin. One sin is equal to the next. Before passing judgment, wait for all the facts to come out and then simply pray for everyone involved and affected by this entire situation.

It is a terrible situation all around. One that you never want to hear about. But I’ll be praying for everyone involved. No matter what side they are on.

Adam, I think you need to look up the definition of “hypocrisy” and also take a course in logic. You complain that we are too “one-sided” in our perspective yet, despite acknowledging that you are 100% sure that the subject is a pedophile, you show no concern or empathy toward his known victim. Given that most pedophiles are repeat offenders, statistically, you also don’t seem interested in protecting other children from your friend Jake.

And even if Jake’s wife knew nothing about the original abuse, which is highly unlikely given the facts (as opposed to your unsubstantiated opinion) in the article above, she’s supporting and enabling her pedophile husband right now.

If she’s serious about her supposed Christian beliefs, why isn’t she prioritizing keeping more kids from being molested by him? Does she bear no responsibility for her actions for some reason?

“It is a terrible situation all around. One that you never want to hear about. But I’ll be praying for everyone involved. No matter what side they are on.”

Please don’t kid yourself, Adam. All you’re doing is endangering children by covering for a known pedophile.

Have a nice day!

P.S. – If Jake’s wife did know that he was sexually abusing children and did not report that activity to law enforcement officials, she could and probably should be, charged with any number of crimes. As an adult member of American society, Adam, you should know that there are penalties associated with aiding and abetting felonies and/or simply not reporting the abuse of children to civil authorities.

This is not about being one-sided; it’s about acting with common decency and common sense.

Rape victim

You had a good experience with them presumably because you were not an attractive young woman. You might have had a very different story otherwise.


Its not a good idea to be so judgmental. We should never allow something like this to doubt the Lord or to gossip and slander. We should know the word of God ourselves and seek the Lord ourselves always. However, I say do not judge because we really do not know the entire story. Their are alway 2 sides to every story. From the sounds of it this girl was almost an adult when most of this happened. Did she really not have a role in all of this? Even so, we don’t know and its only up to the Lord to be the Judge of that. What I do know is that with God their is healing for this girl. With God their is forgiveness for this man. Remember King David in the bible? He made a big mistake too and the Lord did punish him for it. God also forgave him. Just because you make a mistake no matter how bad it is does not mean you are not a Christian. Everyone strays from the Lord at times. In the Bible sin is sin. His sin is just as bad as our sin of lust, judgment, envy, gossip, slander, all those things. The point is if you don’t repent your still going to be judged by the Lord the same way as this man if he doesn’t repent. God loves us all no matter what. If he repents and starts a new fresh start with God he won’t have to worry about that judgement. He is written in the book of life. Look at Moses. He murdered a man and Continuously did work for the Lord faithfully. He was forgiven and served the lord fearfully. So who’s to say what is in this mans heart. Unless you really can say you Know without a reasonably doubt this mans heart and you can say honestly you have never had any sort of lust in your hear ever at any point which according to the Lord is also adultery, then you all need to stop judging this man and pray for this fallen world we live in. Pray for revival and pray yourselves and others. Pull the plank out of your own eye cause when the Lord comes back if its you who has not repented and he has and he’s prepared, he’s going and you’re not. Don’t let these people turn you away from the Lord.

Thats all,
God help all of us sinners!

Thanks. You’re a first time commenter so I’ve approved your comment. However, please note that the official policy of the blog is NOT TO post comments that NOT BACKED UP by either intelligent reasoning or credible sources.

Your comment above does not meet these guidelines because it’s a series of rambling personal attacks that bear no relationships to facts or intelligent reasoning of any kind.

If you’d like to comment again, please up your game. Thanks!


I now wonder how many of the youth leaders are there because they really love the kids and how many are there for the all expense paid mission trips all around the world?
When leaders also allow drinking on mission trips I have to question their hearts. Are they there for the kids or for what they get out of it?


Wives know. They know something. It happens right there in front of them and they allow it. Why would a husband ask for a young girl to move in with them. That alone is suspicious and she isn’t the first one.
If she didn’t know anything she would have stood with the girl and got as far away from him as possible when she found out he got the girl pregnant.

I agree that wives know and bear responsibility for what goes on in their homes. Thanks for the comment, Katie.

Best, Janna


I agree with all that Katie has said.


There were many red flags. The red flags were brought to the attention of youth leaders that dismissed them immediately. Jake flirted with girls, made inappropriate sexual comments even while preaching in front of everyone. He was left alone with young girls frequently. He allowed the youth to drink and the girls to wear bikini’s at pool parties. The youth leaders were right there witnessing this as well and did nothing. Yet there were many people that disapproved of what he was doing but nobody did anything to change it. The church saw this and allowed it which gave him more power over the girls he victimized. Reinforcing to the victims that nobody would believe them.
His wife should have known something and even if she didn’t why did she allow minors to drink? I hope she is charged with providing alcohol to minors as well.
As far as I know the church hasn’t even as much as apologized for not protecting their children, for their negligence and for refusing to see the red flags.


Thanks, Todd. My son is 6’7″ tall and Jake is about 5’7″ tall and is very thin. I don’t think boys were his target. When the Mesa PD came to the church they encouraged anyone to come forward who might have information regarding other victims. I do have a feeling there me more victims. My son and his friend at the church also noted that Jake was always hanging out with the girls in the youth group. Guess that was a sign that other leaders did not pay attention to.


I know Jake and his wife personally. I attended the church in Mesa and he was my son’s youth leader. My son is friends with the victim. This is a horrific crime to this girl and her child. This young woman was one of the sweetest girls you might ever know. I, too, have a feeling that there are other victims and I pray they have the courage to come forth. May God have mercy on his soul because I know his cell mates won’t.
BTW I cried for days after finding this out. I trusted him with my son for 4 years – he went on mission trips, youth camps, etc… with Jake.


Church clean up your act

Yes, I attended Calvary Fellowship in Downingtown, and yes, I agree that all these churches should make these allegations publicly known, so that any other possible abuse can be uncovered and victims cared for.

Oddly enough, I attended this church in my youth with my Young Life leaders. The church was a non-denominational church with close ties to Dallas Seminary.

When I attended (in the late Eighties) they had just gotten through a sex scandal involving a youth minister and an underage girl in the youth group.

Nothing new under the sun…..

Thanks, Todd. Dimes to Donuts this fugitive pedophile’s Church is paying for his “self-imposed” Sabbatical and slandering his victim. I have zero sympathy for his wife, as well. She’s a “mob wife’ at best.