Why is Pastor P.J. Smyth Comfortable Enabling Child Sexual Abuse At Covenant Life Church?

By | January 30, 2016
man shaking hands with the devil

Update on 3/29/16: A Current Member of Covenant Life Church Has Been Arrested For Multiple Counts of  Child Sexual Abuse. P.J. Smyth has not commented on this issue despite being the Church’s Senior Pastor-Elect.

New Allegations of Child Sexual Abuse Affecting Children

Is P.J. Smyth a Naive Opportunist or Just Someone Comfortable Indirectly Enabling Child Sexual Abuse

P.J. Smyth, a self-proclaimed (he does not appear to have formal Ministry training) Pastor from South Africa, has declared that critics of Covenant Life Church’s (CLC’s) decision to harbor pedophiles are part of a Satanic attack to stop his Godly Ministry per an undisputed statement about his comments at a recent Church meeting below:

man shaking hands with the devilcomments from P.J. Smyth about sexual abuse

To put the above commentary in context, Mr. Smyth has just accepted a job as Senior Pastor of Covenant Life Church, in Gaitherburg, Md, and is now dealing with (or ignoring) a fair and incisive article in the Washingtonian Magazine addressing allegations that CLC’s members and pastors have been covering up child sexual abuse for decades and are continuing to handle sexual abuse problems internally instead of reporting them to the police.

Please note that the above analysis should be attributed to Janna L. Chan, not the author of The Washingtonian article in question or anyone else, for that matter. 

This leads me, a person who has advocated against the commission and cover-up of child sexual abuse at Covenant Life Church for almost 6 years by interacting with victims, supporting victims’ advocates in various ways, and following/disseminating information about the criminal and civil legal cases alleging or proving that pastors and members of Covenant Life Church have/are covering up child sexual abuse, wondering the following about Mr. P.J. Smyth:

  1. Is he indirectly (at least) covering up child sexual abuse at Covenant Life Church because he’s not real bright (i.e. a few beans short of a burrito?).
  2. Is he indirectly (at least) covering up child sexual abuse at Covenant Life Church because he doesn’t care if children get gang-raped by members of the Church he is now leading

Please Read The Washingtonian Article About Covenant Life Church

Before I continue, please let me show you how to find the article in question. At present, the article  entitled “The Fall of a Mega-Church,” featured in the February 2016 issue of the Washingtonian magazine, can only be accessed by digital or print subscription at the following link: Subscription to Washingtonian Magazine The cost of a 1-year subscription to the Washingtonian is only $10/year so I hope anyone reading this post, who would like to know more about Covenant Life Church’s ongoing sexual abuse scandal, will purchase a subscription enabling them to read an excellent and fair article about that subject.

Comments on Mr. P.J. Smyth’s Reaction To The Washingtonian Article

Despite the fact that many of the allegations of sexual abuse and/or its cover-up are backed up by a lawsuit that was dismissed based solely on technicalities AND criminal convictions, Mr. Smyth made or endorsed the following assertions about sexual abuse victims, those who support them, and members of Covenant Life Church.

P.J. Smyth's comments on sexual abuse

  1. The victims and their advocates are all part of a Satanic plot to halt his Godly divine Ministry.
  2. The members of Covenant Life Church should not worry about the lawsuits or criminal trials that U.S. lawyers and informed citizens think  that Covenant Life Church pastors and members will soon by subject to. Mr. Smyth’s cronies in South Africa have assured him that CLC’s legal problems are over and they are clearly the experts on this subject.
  3. The critics of P.J. Smyth and Covenant Life Church, meaning child sexual abuse victims and their advocates, should be ignored because Mr. Smyth’s cronies in the U.S. and South Africa have assured him that dismissing them at this time is appropriate and wise. To my knowledge, Mr. Symth has never tried to directly  contact CLC’s sexual abuse victims to ask whether they feel their abuse has been “dealt with.” Given that I know many of the victims, I’d probably know if he had.

Is P.J. Smyth Incapable of Thinking Rationally, Callous, or Both?

That is the question I leave you with, dear readers. Please note, members of Covenant Life Church have asked me not to interfere with P.J.’s Divinely Ordained destiny to lead Covenant Life Church in Gaithersburg, Md.

Let me assure the world that I have no intention of doing so. Mr. Smyth is welcome to risk going to prison for helping a dying disreputable American Church continue to cover-up child sexual abuse.

Thanks for reading!

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Truth Seeker

Are you all that “pastor” PJ Symth’s father, John J. Smyth, once associated with the Church of England through a bible study group he led, viciously tortured high school and college boys that he identified and groomed in his sado-masochistic cult? Channel 4 TV has been running a documentary about the crimes of this man. In fact, John Smyth Snr was charged with the murder of 16-year-old Guide Nyachuru at a so-called holiday camp that pastor PJ Smyth’s father ran to give himself opportunities to target boys for torture. Channel 4 TV smoked him out of his Cape Town foxhole last week. The strange thing is that the son claims he never had any clue his father was a sadistic maniac and murder suspect. For the sake of all children going to Pastor PJ Smyth’s church here in Maryland, I propose that he be stopped from holding any position until his father horrendous crimes are fully investigated.


I just stumbled upon this by chance, so I’m not sure if you’re aware of new information about Mr Smyth which has surfaced in a news feature on Ch4 in UK this week, to be followed this evening with an investigative journalism piece on the camps he helped run in Zimbabwe https://www.channel4.com/news/archbishop-apologises-for-historic-abuse-the-full-story


Didn’t feel that you put me on the spot, although the response would be lengthy and on going and I can’t get all my thoughts together right now. 🙂
As long as I’ve known you, your concerns have always been focused on the victims and potential future victims, so this is certainly a conversation worth having.
Your observations, as usual, are sadly and frighteningly accurate regarding the attitude of current members.
Thank you again for all your efforts.


Janna, this is so good. The culture there Can Not be reasoned with. Though they spout scripture they suit it to their own personal needs. Just like Cj et al. ran away when questioned, this clc culture refuses to engage in conversation unless its agreeable to them.
I saw the mindset displayed perfectly when members of clc took a trip to Uganda to preach about sexual abuse and it’s horrors, and spousal abuse yet refuse to adress the abuse within their own church culture because it’s “sin” to speak negatively about their leadership. (WHAT??)
So, Wives forgive, those abused forgive and Let’s just all move on and praise God with our good worship.
Thanks to you and Brent and Pam D and the attorneys and those who left clc. All hero’s and respect is due them.
Thanks Jana


How can we expect this crowd to respond any differently when the leaders they’ve followed (TGC,T4G, the “protestors” of our day) have responded the way they have to child sex abuse?

Law Prof

What amazes me about this is the notion that CLC wishes all this to just go away as they are “ready to move forward”. One must marvel at whether a child who has been raped by leaders and members of a church could ever move forward.

The callousness of the church is breathtaking, to refer to those who bring to light the evil done within its walls as being part of a “satanic attack”, when surely one of the few things that might qualify as “satanic” and “attack” in the whole sordid affair is the actions of the church in overlooking the sexual abuse going on under their noses and seeking to cover it up once discovered.

I do not know much of Mr. Smyth, but if he is callous and incompetent, he will make an excellent fit for the culture.