Thomas Chantry Trial Update

By | June 26, 2018

Hi Folks, Todd is live blogging the trial. There’s an update to this post here: What I Learned at the Evidentiary Hearing for Thomas Chantry (Edit made 07/20/2018)

“I’ve done something I can’t recover from.”

-Pastor Thomas Chantry to Eric Owens, Elder at Miller Valley Baptist Church.
Source – Prescott Police Investigation Report


Thomas Chantry was arrested in December, 2016 and charged with five counts of molestation of a child and two counts of aggravated assault with serious physical injury. He was jailed, without an option of posting bond, for about six months. Chantry’s attorney successfully filed a motion allowing Chantry to post bond and get out of jail, although severe restrictions were placed on Chantry. Chantry was the pastor at Christ Reformed Baptist Church in Hales Corners, WI at the time of his arrest. The alleged abuse took place at Miller Valley Baptist Church in Prescott, AZ.


Chantry’s trial has been scheduled and cancelled on three occassions. The latest schedule for the case is as follows:

July 19, 2018 – Evidentiary hearing @ 8:00 A.M.
July 24-27, 2018 – Trial by jury – all sessions begin @ 9:00 A.M.
July 31-August 3, 2018 – Trial by jury – all sessions begin @ 9:00 A.M.
August 7-10, 2018 – Trial by jury – all sessions begin @ 9:00 A.M.

In the past Chantry’s trial was scheduled for one week. The Clerk of Court could not give me an explanation why there are now three weeks scheduled. My thought is that the parties involved had scheduling conflicts so three separate weeks were blocked in for the trial and one of the weeks will be selected for the trial at the Evidentiary Hearing on July 19th.

I will have further updates as they become available.


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I will be tuned to hear the outcome of this trial. Back when Chantry was arrested, our Pastor announced that he had been arrested for something from his past and he requested that we all pray for him. No other details were given and we were left to our imaginations. We had been taught often to “put the best construction on things”, so naturally I assumed he was being arrested for something prior to being saved. I never gave it another thought that he may have molested kids in his pastorate!

Fast forward a year or so…we had a situation where our son was lied to, manipulated and brainwashed into turning against us etc by a church member. When our son came to his senses, he and us felt it necessary to warn the Pastor and deacons because we were concerned other young men could be badly influenced by this individual.

The Pastor sought to divide us against each other by taking half the truth and twisting it to make the whole thing our son’s fault. We were told we needed to come back to church and avoid this man and pretend nothing happened. We left the church instead.

Now I read how the ARBCA leaders had two documents, one that contained only part of the truth and that’s the one they showed the parents so they wouldn’t feel things were serious enough to contact law enforcement.

It’s not much different than our Pastor trying to use half truths on us to turn us against our son and justify his psychological abuser. It looks like the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. He is close friends with some of those involved in the Chantry deception. I’ve met and heard two of them preach in our church.

Thanks for your comment, Marsha. I’m sorry to hear about your family’s experience with dishonest pastors protecting socio-paths, and am very glad that you left the relevant church. In my view, ARBCA pastors/leaders had no business/were not qualified to do any kind of analysis regarding Chantry’s motives for beating children. I’m choosing not to use the word “alleged,” in part, because Tom Chantry has not publicly claimed that he is innocent of any of the charges against him, to my knowledge. Entering a plea of “not guilty” doesn’t count, in my view, as that’s just a legal procedural statement. I believe that Chantry could say, “I didn’t do it,” and still take the 5th amendment, regarding answering questions in court, as is his right.

I don’t know all the details, yet think that ARBCA should simply have shared whatever factual information they had about Chantry’s abusive behavior toward minors with all the affected parties, so an informed decision to contact law enforcement could be made. Certainly, deliberately lying, even by omission, to parents about suspected child abuse is sinful and likely illegal.

Todd should be posting an update soon. Thanks again for your comment.

Janna L. Chan (blog team member)


“Certainly, deliberately lying, even by omission, to parents about suspected child abuse is sinful and likely illegal.”

Evil is afoot in ARBCA and its time for a major house cleaning. We have been taught that use of deception is okay it’s not meant for malicious intent. We were taught that we should always put the best construction on things. And the Pastor and deacons misuse Christian Liberty to justify things that clearly are not Christian liberty issues, but are rather things they don’t care to be accountable for. We regularly were taught from the pulpit an us vs them attitude toward other churches as if our church was the only church doing it right.

I have a group of ex-Mormons with whom we all share prayer requests. When I described the problems we were having at church with the Pastor regarding the man mentioned previously, all of them said, “Run, you are in a cult! Don’t look back! Just get out!”


I left a word out. Meant to say we were taught deception is okay IF it’s not done with malicious intent.


Deception is ok if not done with malicious intent is rampant in Calvinist circles and in the heretical Oneness Pentecostal movement as well. Dangerous stuff when you trick people in the name of Jesus. I’m praying that the light that shines in the darkness will expose the truth like never before and that the enemy won’t win. I pray that biblically sound churches are ready to catch the individuals and families hurt by these practices as my church did for me and my family. Saddening but not surprising.

I’m glad to hear that your church helped you, Mary. I don’t necessarily disagree with anything you’ve said. However, in my seven years of doing advocacy work against child sexual abuse in many churches, I’ve perceived that doctrine does not protect churches from sexual predators. In particular, the tendency for pastors to protect other pastors, at the expense of children and others who cannot protect themselves, seems to be universal.

Just a thought. Again, I’m happy that your church protected you. Thanks. Janna L. Chan (blog team member)

I’m not sure how this case works, yet the public can often request transcripts or audio recordings of public court hearings. If anyone is interested in doing so, I suggested contacting the court house here:

Thanks. Janna L. Chan (blog team member)

Alicia Davis

We have just come through an almost identical experience with our church. We would not pretend and were threatened with trespassing if any of us ever came near the church. No corespondance with any member has been returned.

Thanks for your comment, Alicia. I’m sorry about the painful experience you’ve been through.

Janna L. Chan (blog team member)

Thank you for spending your precious time observing and reporting on Chantry’s trial. There are some theologians and outspoken friends who sent letters to churches and employers about me when I wrote about Chantry. I They got nowhere with my church, my synod, and the related seminaries. My husband’s employer, Duke, laughed as they rolled on the floor. My guess is the boyz won’t try that one again! I look forward to keeping up with the trial through your eyes.

So glad you are back home! I am talking my husband into taking a course in your area so we can all meet up.

There are some theologians and outspoken friends who sent letters to churches and employers about me when I wrote about Chantry. I They got nowhere with my church, my synod, and the related seminaries. My husband’s employer, Duke, laughed as they rolled on the floor.

LOL! These pro-pedophile pastors and theologians do not live in the real world. Their tiny bands of followers deify them, but the rest of American society thinks they’re pieces of crud.

Thanks for the comment. Janna L. Chan (blog team member)


Prescott Arizona not WI, I thought.